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Top 5 Apps for Stock Market Research to Make Your Stock Research Easier

According to the National Stock Exchange of India, active stock traders in India are predicted to surpass the ballpark figure of 1.2 crores in the year 2022. 

Stock market trading is increasing at a faster pace in India, and if you are among the stock traders, then you must know the importance of staying updated. 

It is essential to be updated with the real-time streaming market prices, track record of your portfolio, market trends, etc., so that you can make an informed decision.  

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After meticulous research, we have listed down the top 5 apps for stock market research to make your stock research easier by 5x. 

These apps provide quick, actionable and data-driven market news and stock research to investors at all stages, from swing and day traders to buy-and-holders. 

5 Best apps for Stock Market Research in 2022

Yahoo finance stock market app 

Yahoo Finance App is on our list of the best apps for stock market research in India because it covers versatile information that a stock marketer needs. 

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From the price of commodities, financial reports, stock reports, and press releases to trending finance-related news, the app has covered everything in between for you. Moreover, it also has some tools for financial management and is available on Android, IoS and windows. 

Key Features: 

  • Leverage personalized news and alerts. 
  • To stay abreast in the stock market, access real-time stock information. 
  •  Tracking of personal portfolios is available. 
  • By adding stocks to the watchlist, you can access personalized news and real-time stock quotes. 

Economic Times Markets 

If you are a newbie in the world of trading, then this fantastic app by ET Times can be one of the best apps for stock market research in India. It is available in 8 different Indian languages and gives the latest stock market and investment updates.  

Key Features:

  • Gauge through your portfolio updates and find various mutual fund schemes, SIP calculators, etc. 
  • Create a watchlist to keep things in a loop for the forthcoming days. 
  • The app also has advanced technical charting for tracking BSE Sensex or NSE Nifty. 
  • It has the inbuilt capability to perform analysis on stocks and generate expert advice. 

Trade Brains Portal 

Trade brains are among the fastest-growing apps for stock market research in India. It has gained momentum because of the super helpful features it has to offer. You can seamlessly create numerous watchlists and stock portfolios. 

Moreover, with the friendliest user-friendly interface, it becomes easy for traders to navigate through the app. 

Key Features: 

  • Stay updated with the trendy share market news and in-depth stock analytics. 
  • Curate a customized list of stocks and get started with your stocks. 
  • The app allows you to create multiple watch lists to save stocks as per your preference. 
  • Has the most advanced and fastest stock screener. 

CNBC Business News & Live Market Data 

It goes without saying CNBC is the world leader in providing financial news; therefore, you need to trust us when we say it ‘CNBC is one of the reliable apps for stock market research. If you have no idea about the stock market, then head on to their information section to grab all the latest information. 

Key Features: 

  • Track and manage your watchlists efficiently. 
  • Leverage real-time market data and stock quotes. 
  • Each aspect of financial news and related information that would help traders or investors is mentioned in the app. 
  • Apart from just flashing finance and business news, it also covers political and technical verticals. 

Market Mojo 

Market Mojo is an easy-to-use app for stock market research and pre-analysis of all the information. Due to its pre-analytical capability, it allows the users to make an informed decision. 

Besides giving a user-first recommendation, it also provides all the information that matters in the stock markets. 

Key features:  

  • The portfolio goes through a rigorous test that takes place in seven stages. 
  • A portfolio analyzer is a robust tool to evaluate hidden opportunities and risks. 
  • Current financial trends display an in-detail financial review of a company. 
  • Mojo quality rank reflects a company’s long-term performance vs its contemporary.  

Wrapping up! 

This was our list of best apps for stock market research that can make your lives easier. While trading, you need to make sure that you are using reliable trading apps to make sure that you can get premium benefits. 

Hopefully, we were able to help you in finding the best apps for stock market research in India. Let us know your favourite app in the comment section below. 

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