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Top 15 Latest Mobile Processor in India 2023

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The processor is the most important component of your smartphone as it impacts not just the phone’s speed but also the battery life and user experience as well. Different smartphones have different chipsets and if you want to know which is the latest mobile processor in India 2021, we got you covered!

What is a processor?

A processor is an electronic circuit that takes care of the instructions of the device. It is programmed to handle voice calls, computation, camera calibration, cellular networking, and more.

Simply put, a fast processor will ensure all your apps open fast, and all your tasks are done in no time. On the contrary, a slow processor will result in issues such as overheating and poor battery performance and may even slow down your phone resulting in a poor user experience.

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These processors are also known as System-on-Chip(SoC) and are complex. So, they need additional testing known as ‘benchmarking’ to identify the processor performance.

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Benchmarking is a technique that helps evaluate the processor’s performance based on specific matrices. First, the processor is tested for battery efficiency, gaming performance, and overall performance. The SoCs are then scored based on the tests.

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Which is the latest mobile processor in India in 2023?

Here’s a list of the top 15 mobile processors, along with their ranking and benchmark scores.

RankProcessor NamePhoneCenturion MarkAnTuTu 8GeekBench 5*
1Apple A16 BionicApple iPhone 14 Pro Max9679421887 / 5455
2Snapdragon 8 Gen 2Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra1,227,5621485 / 4918
3Snapdragon 8 Plus Gen 1Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 41,024,3121351 / 3808
4Dimensity 92001,260,5491296 / 4958
5Dimensity 9000 PlusUpcoming1,149,8451349 / 4342
6Apple A15 BionicApple iPhone 138011991722 / 4685
7Dimensity 9000Vivo X801,049,0811179/4189
8Snapdragon 8 Gen 1OnePlus 10 Pro1,029,5561259/4189
9Apple A14 BionicApple iPhone 121656118431613 / 3909
10Snapdragon 888 PlusAsus ROG Phone 5S8635521160 / 2834
11Exynos 2200Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra965,874934/2925
12Snapdragon 888OnePlus 91587229071140 / 3745
13Dimensity 8100Realme GT Neo 38094431003/2607
14Tensor G2Google Pixel 7 Pro801,1161054 / 3138
15Exynos 2100Samsung Galaxy S211566989651085 / 3654

Hopefully, this list of the latest mobile processors in India 2023 helps you identify the top processor and make a purchasing decision.

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