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This is What Happens to a YouTube Channel When the Creator Dies

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The question that ‘what happens to a YouTube channel when the creator dies’ comes to our minds very often. Especially, to those who are active YouTube users or are fond of some popular YouTubers.

Recently, one of my favourite YouTubers passed away and the only thing that came to my mind was ‘what will happen to his YouTube channel’? After which I researched a lot regarding the same. To my surprise, what all I thought, or most of us must have thought is not what actually happens.

So, I thought why not share this information with you all. Read the article to get an answer to your question.

What happens to a YouTube channel when the creator dies?

As per Google, there are two things that happen with a deceased person’s channel:

  1. Google follows the person’s plan if he has created one using the “Inactive Account Manager” feature or
  2. If in case the YouTuber dies without any plans, Google keeps its data safe, private, and secure

Let us know in brief about both the above-mentioned points:

what happens to a youtube channel when the creator dies 1

Inactive Account Manager: when the user has pre-planned everything

Inactive Account Manager is one of the best features Google provides to YouTube creators. This is the best way to let Google know whether you want your account to be deleted when you are not in action for long or you want to give access to information to somebody else.

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When the user hasn’t set the Inactive Account Manager feature

As discussed earlier, Google keeps the data safe, private, and secure for its YouTubers if they forget to set instructions for what will happen to their account after their death.

Google cannot provide the family members of the person owning the YouTube channel with login details and passwords, but it can provide the family with the content that is on the YouTube channel.

Google says it can also help the family member to immediately close the deceased person’s account.

This is all that happens to a YouTube channel when the creator dies. If you want to know more about any other social media platform, you can tell us through the comment section below.

Feel free to leave suggestions and comments.

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