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The Simple Guide for-How to Know Who Shared my Post on Facebook

Almost everyone today is living two lives, one on social media and a real one. You have friends and you have additional friends on Facebook. Our generation believes in sharing all aspects of their life on social media platforms.

Facebook, in particular, has people using it who belong to all walks of life across all age groups. Has it ever happened to you, though, that you posted something and it was shared by someone? Do you want to know who shared your post on Facebook? We will tell you how1

Tips and Tricks if you are confused about ‘How to know who shared my post on Facebook.

Everyone who uses Facebook knows that whatever is posted on the wall, can be shared by anyone who has access to it. If you want to view who has shared your post on Facebook, you have landed on the right page. There are a few exceptions though. You can only know or view the profile of those who have shared your post on Facebook, in case they have not set any privacy settings on their profile.

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who shared my post in facebook2

You can do so by using one of the following methods:-

  • If someone shared your post with a ‘Public’ setting then you can see their profile as well. You will be able to see how many times your post has been shared by them. 

Anytime your post is shred you will be notified on your profile. Once you log into your app, you will see the bell icon. You can all the information about who shared your post, the time at which they shared and also if they have shared the post with a ‘Public’ setting.

If you have turned your notifications on, you will be notified every single time your post is shared. 

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  • The other thing that you can do is to go back to the original post that you created. Underneath the post, you will find various buttons which include the ‘Share’ button as well. This button gives you the number of times your post has been shared on Facebook. When you click on the ‘#number shares’ button, you will see the profiles of people who have shared your post. One limitation, in this case, is also, is the ‘Privacy’ setting of the user. 
who shared my post in facebook

One more important thing to remember here is that if the user has shared your post via Facebook message, you will not be able to see the name or the profile of that user.

As easy as Facebook is to use, sometimes it can wake up the ‘Curious George’ in us. We want to know who saw our profile, who shared our posts, and so forth. We hope this article helps you to know who shared your posts how many times. Keep coming back for more such tips and tricks!

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Shikha Jain
Shikha Jain
Shikha Jain is 34 years old. Mother to a daughter. Engineer by qualification but have been a writer for the last seven years.

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