Technology has the ability to expedite processes, improve efficiency and save time. It is doing a better job than humans in almost all aspects by significantly reducing the chances of errors. While automation has made our work easier, it has also eliminated the need for certain job roles.

Artificial intelligence is soon going to form a major chunk of many job descriptions since it works 24×7 and doesn’t even require a salary.The level of human replacement will depend on the nature of the job and the emotional quotient required to perform it.

Technology Can Replace These 10 Jobs 1

We are of the opinion that technology might replace these 10 jobs in the times to come.

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Jobs that AI will replace in the future

Receptionists and customer support specialists

To replace customer support specialists and assist users with resolving issues, companies have created support pages and uploaded FAQs. Improved voice recognition and speech synthesis technology is being implemented in the role of a receptionist.



Selling is one role that has been affected substantially by digitization.Either businesses have their ownwebsite or they list their products on e-commerce platforms. These have algorithms for suggesting products to users based on their browsing behaviour. A salesperson is no longer necessary in such businesses.

Factory workers

Industries have engaged in rampant mechanisation to increase product output. Factory workers have been at the receiving end of this trend. With more and more robots and machines being employed, the need for manual labour has fallen drastically.


With the advent of digital media, telemarketing has become almost redundant today. The conversion rate of this model has gone down considerablywith very less consumers showing interest in these advertisements. Telemarketing is now performed via system-generated callssinceitdoes not require any emotional connect with the customers.


Accountants Bookkeepers

Book keeping involves recording, classification and summarization of large amounts of data. Accounting software packages such as Quickbooks, Tally, etc. are doing this job with much accuracy and speed. Thesecost-effective tools will make the process completely automated in the future, thus wiping out the need for persons managing accounts.

Delivery agents

E-commerce websites such as Amazon are experimenting with the possibility of instant delivery using robots and drones.On one hand, robots are capable of delivering with efficiency, on the other, they can communicate with customers if need be.  So,the day is not far when the demand for delivery agents will be nil.

Proofreaders and translators

The job of proofreaders and translators is being taken over by apps such as Grammarly that help in improving the quality of content. Similarly, translating appsoffer quick and easy translation into a wide range of languages. However, industries requiring accuracy and contextualization will be safe for proofreaders and translators.

Market research analysts

Market research analysts

There are software packages in the market that undertake research on competitors and generate reports instantly. These automated tools can conduct surveys and compile results to facilitate decision making by managers. Thus, the role of market research analysts may also reduce in the coming years.


The era of autonomous cars is here, all thanks to automobile giants like Tesla.The automotive industryis advancing rapidly, although it may take time for self-driving to become commonplace.If employed in buses, taxis and other means of public transport, drivers might end up losing their jobs.

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Travel agents

With the introduction of booking websites such as Trivago, one can easily compare and get the best packages for a trip. Even Google search results are equipped with algorithms to help viewers with their travel plans. In such a scenario, approaching travel agents for getting tickets and hotel dealshas become a thing of the past.