10 In-Demand Jobs of the Future: 2030

Future of Work post corona

The current global health crisis has shaken industries and economies around the world. COVID-19 lockdowns accompanying the corona pandemic has left millions unemployed, while many others are facing significant pay cuts. Additionally, the on-going rounds of layoffs in companies have left everyone wondering what the future of work may look like. Everyone’s asking, what are the in-demand jobs of the future that can help one stay employed through 2030.

TED Conferences LLC also talked about it in their recent article as a part of their latest “Build Back Better” series. The report features ideas from leading researchers and thought leaders around the world, including the likes of Ben Pring.

Notably, Pring is an IT futurist and the cofounder of Cognizant’s Center for the Future of Work. The centre consistently studies trends in technology, businesses and society to help its audiences prepare well for future jobs. The IT Futurist shares 10 emerging jobs roles that users should be aware of that may become highly relevant and most in-demand jobs in the post-COVID era.

10 In-Demand Jobs of the Future 2030

  • Uni-for-life Coordinator
  • Work From Home Co-ordinator
  • Virtual Events Planner
  • Socially Distanced Office Designer
  • Virtual Sound Mixer
  • Voice UX Designer
  • Chief Purpose Planner
  • Telehealth Facilitator
  • Clean Hygiene Consultant
  • Subscription Management Specialist

Uni-for-life Coordinator

Most students join a college or university after completing their school. They complete their degrees in a select number of years. it is only after their post graduation that students consider monetising their knowledge and skills. Barring the drop-outs of course. However, with changing times and rising tuition fees for higher education, this traditional way of learning and earning may no longer be relevant.

Experts predict that in the coming years, a new system of education may emerge which allows students to break down their learning period over a span of more years. They would have the option to alternate between college and working. In such a scenario, a Uni-for-life Coordinator would assist the students to better manage their learning over the course of their life.

Work From Home Coordinator

As lockdowns became the best bet against COVID-19, work from home has become the new normal. A large section of young professionals as well as veterans found themselves struggling with the nuances of work from home. The internet has been flooded with articles featuring work from home tips to help professionals.

Moreover, larger firms also felt the need for co-ordinators who could help them manage the changing dynamics and keep the work going. Experts predict, post the pandemic, ‘work from home’ is likely to become more popular as well as more acceptable. Therefore, it will also create a space for dedicated professionals who can facilitate efficient co-ordination between corporations and employees who are working from home, hence the WFH co-ordinators.

Virtual Events Planner

While businesses around the world almost came to a standstill, various video conferencing platforms like Zoom and Google Meet saw unprecedented rise in their user base. However, as the world suddenly seemed to be joining theses video-conference calls, it was often anything but sophisticated. This led to growing demand for yet another emerging profession, the “Virtual Event Planners.” Professionals who could help workplace webinars and video-conferences feel a little more professional and sophisticated offering better socialisation opportunities.

Socially Distanced Office Designer

Even as offices gradually resume and we return to our workplace, they are really unlikely to look anything like what we are used to. Experts have warned that the threat of COVID-19 is far from over. Therefore, companies are reconsidering their office designs. Companies are planning to redesign offices incorporating features such as hands-free doors and parting between individual desks to minimise the risks of coronavirus infections. Thus, businesses will require socially distanced office designers for the same.

Virtual Sound Mixer

The pandemic has already cancelled many of the major sports events that were scheduled for 2020. Furthermore, its higher risk of transmission is set to also alter how sports events are held. Soccer matches with empty stadiums, goals with no cheer may become our new normal for the coming year. However, to give remote viewers a feel of the usual atmosphere, broadcasters would be adding sounds to make it a more lively experience. Thus sports events will now require professional sound engineers who can mix relevant sounds in real-time.

Voice UX Designer

Industry experts studying the recent trends have suggested that due to the fear of catching COVID infection, people want to touch fewer items. Thus, it is likely that existing users may turn to their smart voice-assistants like Siri, Alexa and Google Assistant while many others may consider buying related gadgets. Consequently, it would also increase job opportunities for Voice UX designers, who write dialogues for these smart assistants. It can be a potential avenue for content writers, playwrights, and journalists who can easily script human-like conversations.

Chief Purpose Planner

The Cognizant Centre for Future of Work Co-Founder opined that there’s a need for businesses to articulate their purpose much more clearly in recent times. Thus, several businesses are hiring Chief Purpose Planner to set a high-level strategy and direction for the organisation. The major responsibilities of Chief Purpose Planner include creating top-line goals and ideals, and the work area is quite similar to that of public relations and marketing.

Telehealth Facilitator

Innovative technologies in the healthcare space aren’t a new phenomenon. However, the dynamics of doctor-patient interaction and consumer experience have largely stayed the same. But, as the world battled coronavirus, clinics and hospitals were closed for all except the emergency cases. It forced a considerable section of community to go for telehealth consultations. The telehealth industry is expected to gain further acceptance and popularity in the coming months and years.

Clean Hygiene Consultant

The coronavirus outbreak has raised awareness around personal hygiene to a new level. Sanitizers have almost become an indispensable part of our lives. The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the need on cleanliness and personal hygiene to stay safe. Experts suggest that it is much likely to lead to a specialised category of Wellness Consultants, who can offer advice on hygiene and contribute to make the world a cleaner place to live in.

Subscription Management Specialist

Notably, the global health crisis has also lead to economic crisis around the globe.  It forced people to suddenly cut out on most of their unnecessary expenses and reduce their monthly budgets. The concept of subscription management aims to leverage on the idea of economic uncertainties and need to re-evaluate budgets. The concept talks about simplifying the subscription processes. It also suggests the possibility of services and professionals who can help consumers in tweaking their subscriptions, especially in a crisis to cut expenses.

Notably, many of these job roles were hardly heard off in the past. The COVID-19 Pandemic has further highlighted the need to be adaptable to survive and thrive in the 21st times. “To stay abreast with the industry trends and to keep upgrading your skills” is probably The Most Important advice for professionals of the 21st century.

There has always been much concern about vanishing jobs in the future, especially with the emergence of machine learning and AI. However, what we often forget is to keep track of new emerging job roles that may not have existed in the past. Moreover, if you want to further explore future jobs to stay relevant in this uncertain year, read our article on Top 15 jobs as per the LinkedIn Report.