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Tattoos of the Future Might be Painless and DIY Too

Tattoos of the Future might be Painless and DIY Too
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An all new needle technology might just make tattoos pain-free as well as quick to execute. Scientists from Georgia Institute of Technology has developed this affordable, painless, plus bloodless skin patch at under supervision from chemical engineer Mark Prausnitz. The details have been published in a journal study this month.

More on the tech

Tattoos will use “microneedles” in varied configurations that will be assembled on lines of a pixel. The design is coated using ink and then placed on the skin to create the design. The process might even be self-administered.

Such tech will find use across the medical domain in huge numbers. Medical tattoos might be used for repairing nipples post breast surgery, or to make up scars arising from radiation treatments while also help guide related future therapies. These might also serve as a health monitor instead of traditional bracelets.

Summing up

Even for cosmetic tattoos, some might not be gutsy enough to go under the knife. The process is discomforting to say the least, in fact. With this new technological innovation, there could soon arrive tiny needle based tech that hardly causes pain.

The new patches are still in ‘under development’ mode and it might take some time before it is able to find fruition to be used commercially.