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Sony e-Paper Smartwatch: Will It Be Something

Sony has come up with an innovative product in the form of an experimental e-paper watch. Being called the Fes Watch, Sony might start...

The Advent of Smartwatches, Who Would Take The Crown , Apple, Samsung or Google?

It was indeed true when someone said that with every passing year, technology is getting smaller and cheaper. If it was smartphones and tablets...

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Wireless Mouse Lite Launched By Mi

Xiaomi has launched its latest Mi Wireless Mouse Lite this festive season.  Designed using integrated curved buttons, the new Mi Wireless Mouse...

How Does New Apple Silicon M1 Chip Compare Against Intel i9?

Apple has unveiled first MacBook versions including Mac Mini, MacBook Pro and Macbook Air, featuring Apple Silicon M1 chips at a recent...

Google Pay Under CCI Lens For Alleged Unfair Practices

Google Pay has been receiving a lot of criticism for the past few weeks owing to the ill-functioning of the digital wallet...