Is Extinction Of PC Near? Windows 10 Smartphone May Diminish The Need For Personal Computer

Microsoft is making great moves in the smartphone market these days. The market, which is already taken over by the iPhones and Android phones is gradually making a shift toward the Windows phone for its attractive features at a budget-friendly price.

While Microsoft has tried to impress the users by introducing Windows 8 for phones, it has failed to merge phones functionalities or apps with computers  and people still have to use computers for their jobs. Yet, the reports at TechRadar hints the company is all set to launch Windows 10 for smartphones and redefine the perception about the device.

 Windows 10 Phones Set To Revolutionize The Smartphone MarketReports indicating the bright future of the Microsoft smartphones states the phone can be transormed to a PC by just plugging in an HDMI connection, mouse and keyboard. However, none of the current models of Microsoft phones can support the new operating system as it requires some changes in the hardware. While the news that a smartphone will finally replace the need of PC has created an excitement, the news of hardware shift has received a mixed response, as there is a jeopardy regarding the performance of the new hardware.

Not just that, there is also a concern regarding the price of the handsets running on Windows 10 as people in the developing nations would not like to spend $600 to buy a mobile phone even if it diminishes the need of a computer. However, the planned device can rule the market if the company manages to retain its user-friendliness along with a budget price that is affordable for all. 

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Latest Lumia 940 Render Spotted- No Carl Zeiss Lens Seen But Leak Hints At Retina Scanner

A latest render of the much awaited Lumia 940 from Microsoft has been leaked. While buzz around its stylus and retina scanner have dominated online forums, the latest leak points towards fresh metallic colors that add a bold look to the overall design, according to Phones Review. The render is a brainchild of Lucas F Silva who suggests that the Lumia 940 will be available in five tones.

Latest Lumia 640 Render SpottedA slimmer bezel with neatly rounded corners is up on the flagship besides having an angular style. According to this render from Silva, the smartphone will feature-  

  • Snapdragon 808 processor
  • 3 GB RAM
  • 20 MP Main camera 
  • 3200 mAh battery

This opposes a much highlighted space on Lumia 940-the Carl Zeiss Lens of 25 MP on the main camera front.  While the release date rumors are fanning our appetites, we are more eager to see whether the 25 MP camera will indeed be true. It is being hailed as a unique spec due to its 60 FPS feature and ability to shoot 4k resolution videos. The latest leak reveals presence of 3D Touch, fingerprint sensor and the retina scanner. While this is the hundredth Lumia render we have seen over cyberspace, we expect some specs to make it to the actual phone at least.

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Here Is How You Can Save Your Smartphone Battery Life

Smartphones have become an integral part of our lives. We use them for e-mails, social networking, texting and reading apart from calling. One common problem that all smartphone users face is battery draining. Even if you charge your smartphone in the morning, the battery will deplete by noon or evening depending on your usage pattern. Users who are always online face battery draining issues more often. But there are some really simple and easy ways with which you can extend the battery life of your device.     

  • How get the most out of your smartphone battery Dimming the display- One of the biggest battery drainers is the colorful display your smartphone.  If you want your battery to last longer, it is advisable that you must change the brightness settings to lowest level. However, there are many smartphones which come with automatic brightness adjustment feature which prevents the battery from draining quickly.
  • Reducing the screen timeout interval- Change the setting of screen timeout (30 seconds to 1minute is advisable) to strengthen battery life.  The more time your smartphone’s screen takes to turn off, the more quickly it will drain out the battery.
  • Close unwanted application- It is advisable that one must use a good task manager to handle unneeded application. When you open an application, it keeps running in the background even after you close it. Task managers close these applications and hence extend battery life.
  • Turn off 3G and Wi-Fi- When not using these services, it is better to turn them as it is extend your battery life.
  • Battery application- Smartphone users can also download a good battery manager application such as battery doctor and DU battery saver. These applications come with several features which can be used to extend battery life of your device.

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Smartphone Cameras Helps In Detecting Eye Cancer In 2-Year Old

The news that smartphone cameras can help detecting eye cancer that affects exclusively kids has set a buzz , leaving no doubt about the fact that advances in technology has made life much better.

The life of a 2-year old kid, Avery Fitzgerald was saved when her mother, Julie Fitzgerald identified some uncanny spots around the boy’s pupil in an image she snapped with a smartphone. According to the Verge the reports, children affected with aggressive eye cancer in most of the cases have a white glow surrounding their pupils when they look to the camera for a photograph. Yet, the snaps need to be taken with a flash mode on.

 Smartphone Cameras Helps In Detecting Eye Cancer In 2-Year OldThe doting mother, Fitzgerald, who took her son to the doctor after founding the spots around the pupil said that she is thankful to technology. Though the kid has lost his eye due to the disease, his life is saved.

The lady even suggested every parent to be careful about their kid’s eye health and consult a doctor if there is anything suspicious as retinoblastoma is curable if treated at the onstage. In the days, when the environmentalist are raising their voices to reduce the use of cellular phones for its adverse effect on nature, this news has really caused a stir. … Read the rest

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Top 10 Smartphone of 2015-Buyer’s Guide

With a new smartphone coming to the market almost every month, it has become quite difficult for people to decide, which is the actually the best. Each and every model is paired with some outstanding features, yet very few of them are completely flawless. To help the buyers in making an informed decision, PCMag has recently published a list of top 10 best smartphones of 2015.


  1. Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge is known for its excellent performance and attractive Top 10 Smartphone of 2015-Buyer's Guidedesign. People with big budget can surely go for this phone.
  2. LG G Flex 2 is also another great choice in this regard as it offers outstanding performance at an affordable price.
  3. The third one that comes to the list is HTC One M9. Apart from the design and built, the options for seamless customization is sure to attract anyone.
  4. When it comes to the best smartphones of the year, one cannot miss the name of Apple iPhone6 Plus, as it not just offer brilliant performance but also the wide screen makes it easy to operate.
  5. The next name making to the list is OnePlusOne. It is surely the best buy for people looking to get an Android phone with great performance at a reasonable price.
  6. People who are looking for a smartphone, which has everything right from elegant design, fast processor and best screen paired with seamless performance, can go for Samsung Galaxy S6.
  7. Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is the next name in the list with 5.7-inch Quad HD display and premium facelift.
  8. People who are fond of Windows phones can vouch for the Nokia Lumia Icon as it is packed with the best of almost every Windows phone introduced so far in the market.
  9. Those who are looking for a perfect combination of tablet and phone can go for Google Nexus 6.
  10. Last but not the least is the Apple iPhone6, which has gained praises for its perfect size and performance.

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Samsung S6 Active Leaked Photo Goes Viral: Could It Be The Sexiest Buy To Lap Up?

Samsung is keeping the highlights of its upcoming flagship Galaxy S6 Active under the wraps but latest viral leaks have revealed dark rugged physicality and probable waterproof design. The leaks have been splashed over GSM Arena and the latest android ware from Samsung might just come with a speaker on the back end.

Why Samsung’s S6 Active Could Be The Sexiest Buy To Lap Up?The smartphone has been spotted in black as of now but we have not uncovered any insight into its features of camera specs.  At least, critics can be now silenced against their scepticism that the S6 Active might not even be a full-on flagship but just a bumped up upgraded variant of some earlier Samsung model.

We are a tad bit disappointed with the seemingly plastic body since Galaxy S6 Edge and Galaxy S6 were beauties in glass and metal. Then again, the supposed waterproof spec on the S6 Active could more than make up for lack of innovative styling. Expect beefier battery life as the S6 Active will feature a 3,500 mAh under its hood.

Again, this is a bump up over the 2,600 mAh battery we saw on the Galaxy S6. Insiders reveal that the upcoming S6 model will feature a microSD card slot too. In case you were planning to load up a new Android smartphone, it is time to wait for this baby.… Read the rest

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Micromax YU Yuphoria Launch Live Stream: Where to Watch Smartphone Unveiling Online

In just few more hours today, the much anticipated flagship from Yu, Yuphoria will be released. The smartphone is from the Yu stable, a subsidiary of Micromax. You can catch up the release event online live.Micromax vs samsung

Yu loyalists had been batting for this launch since more than a couple of months now. Interestingly, the smartphone had been christened as per popular demand via the #YuNameIt contest.

Latest leaks and video teasers of the Yu Yuphoria have revealed awesome specs on the budget phone. Reports reveal that the YU Yuphoria will rock with  LTE modem besides being punked up by Cyanogen OS 12 based on Android 5.0.2 Lollipop.

Expect break neck processing speed with 64-bit class SoC. Beefier speeds can be further expected with 2 GB RAM combined with 16 GB onboard storage. With a 5-incher screen size, Yuphoria will come with 1080p display besides flaunting a compact polycarbonate body. Sound quality could hit the roof with probable DTS or Dolby grade. We expect the phone to match teh likesof Lenovo and ASUS in the mid-budget segment under INR 9000. Check out the release event on the official link here.

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Micromax Yu Yuphoria: 6 Reasons Why it May Repeat Yu Yureka’s Success?

Micromax has picked its collaboration right with Yu and that was for all to see with the Yureka smartphone—its maiden launch in this domain. After success in online sales still going strong on Amazon India, Yu will release its next phone—Yuphoria on Tuesday.  The maker has hit bull’s eye with pricing of INR 8999 only; the Yureka takes processing and multitasking seriously with its octa-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 615 SoC. What might be a brownie point for sales is the 2 GB RAM and 16 GB onboard storage.Micromax vs samsung

Prodding into the viral leaks and videos further, fans can expect a classy physical build that also enhances the smartphone’s sturdiness. On a 5-incher screen size, Yuphoria promises 1080p display as well.

The metal design might be off-track at this price, but we are expecting a smart polycarbonate look. Adverts are pointing to amazing sound quality—plausibly of DTS or Dolby grade on the Yuphoria.

As for the OS, it is Cyanogen 12 all the way. A way more improved interface is expected than what we saw on Yureka and we can of course expect specs based on the latest Android 5.0 version—Lollipop. In case you are looking for a budget buy with classy specs, Yu’s Yuphoria is the best way to go.

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Huawei Honor 4C vs Lenovo A7000 vs Yu Yureka: The Best Budget Phone Under Rs 9,000

Analyzing the Indian smartphone buyer sentiments clearly reveal that the country is inclined towards investing in budget pieces under INR 9000 as of now. Thus, the wide array on offer in this range from Huawei could see much success as will the upcoming releases from Lenovo and Yu. Here’s a lance out among Huawei’s Honor 4C, Yu’s Yureka and Lenovo’s A7000.Asus Zenfone 2 Release Date

In terms of design and physicality, all the three are average and have a sturdy structure. The typical back, SD slot and the easy SIM card access are features that budget smartphones always weigh on. It is no different here. Just one dumper that Honor 4C has up its sleeve is that it has a non-removable battery.

However, it more than makes up with great back panel make and easy grip. The resolutions of 1280×720 pixels is common to all three wares but the Honor 4C comes with 5 inches on-screen size while Lenovo and Yureka are 5.5 incher phones.

The processor on all three smartphones here are of Octa-Core make but we are most impressed with 1.5GHz MediaTek MT6752m on A7000 followed by Snapdragon 615 MSM8939 on the Yu Yureka while the and 1.2GHz HiSillicon Kirin 620 SoC on the Honor 4C is hardly at par.

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Blackberry Leap: Complete Touch Smartphone for Mid-budget Clients in India

Indian mid-budget customers can get one more option while selecting a complete touch smartphone with the launch of ‘Leap’, a new device from Canadian phone manufacturer Blackberry.

Blackberry LeapWith Z3 complete touch portfolio, this smart device is anticipated to be appraised at Rs. 20,000, which is an affordable alternative for mid-budget clients, as reported by Economic Times.

With its mega global launch in Barcelona at MWC this year, Blackberry had made the device available in France, US, UK and Germany last month. And now in India, Leap will target the young professionals who desire to avail smartphone at low cost.

Leap boasts off with 5-inch screen and high resolution of 720×1280 pixels.16 GB ROM and 2 GB RAM are quite apt to back the SoCwhile Micro SD card has been used with expandability backing up to 128GB.

The phone is supported with up-to-date Blackberry operating system 10.3.1 and loaded with a long-lasting 2800 mAh battery. As per camera is concerned, Leap features 2 MP front camera and 8 MP rear camera.

With such amazing features and affordable cost, Blackberry Leap will successfully be able to compete with OnePlus One, Asus Zenfone 2, Xiaomi, Huawei Honor 6 and andMi 4.

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