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Former Vertu Design Chief May Soon Launch New Luxury Smartphone

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Xor, a firm which is being referred to as the unofficial successor of Vertu is all set to launch a new luxury smartphone. Vertu was a leading luxury mobile phone brand in the era of “not-so-smart” feature phones. But, it soon lost its way when Internet paved way for the then emerging generation of smartphones.

However, Engadget reports that even as Vertu disappeared, Vertu’s Former Design Chief Hutch Hutchison was apparently approached by a group of former Vertu customers who still wanted those luxury phones. Moreover, some of these former Vertu clients had more than enough money to fund a follow-up company.

Xor Titanium- New Luxury Phone May Hit Shelves In Q1 2021

Hutch Hutchison also went on to lead the design team and become one of the co-founders of the new firm which was named Xor. In an era of ever-rising privacy concerns, it will soon be fielding in a new luxury smartphone, Xor Titanium that offers encrypted calling option.

Notably, Xor also staffs many other former Vertu employees and hopes to recapture its spirit in the new smartphone. But, the new pricey phone won’t be fighting for its space with any of the other smartphone giants like Apple and Samsung.

Key Features of the Xor Titanium

Xor Titanium does not feature any of the latest trending features that you would expect in your new phone in the 2020. Xor Titanium is rather a retro handset providing voice calling service over 2G/3G, SMS and an air quality sensor. Moreover, all calls on the upcoming Xor mobile phone ome with active noise cancellation and also supports wireless charging.

Former Vertu

Furthermore, thanks to the absence of smart features, its battery can last up to five days on a single charge. If you are wondering what function this new phone will serve; it would particularly cater to businesses looking for reliable devices for secure communications.


It will be pitched as a second phone for employees and business that do most their business on voice calls. It will provide AES256 end-to-end encryption at the hardware level for all calls made from a Xor phone to another Xor phone. It will also feature different ringtones for encrypted and unencrypted calls.

Curious on how much this new luxury smartphone will cost? A price tag that may seem ridiculous to many for its limited specification, Xor Titanium will actually cost you a whooping £3,000. So, what do you think of Xor’s new luxury smartphone? Share with us in the comments below.

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