Is New Google Nexus 2015 On The Way?

Although the first Google Nexus could not create much ground for itself, hype related to the latest Google Nexus 2015 continues to intrigue. Smartphone manufacturers like Huawei and LG are reportedly working on the new device.

 LG working on Nexus 5

Is new Google Nexus on the way- LG or Huawei According to reports, the benchmark suite that was captured recently did not provide enough details about the phone. However, it did hint that the phone will come with a powerful hexa-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 808 processor.

The phone is also reported to be supported with a 4GB RAM for a hassle-free performance. Some other rumors suggest the phone will come with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor.

Being a Nexus device, it is expected to work on the Android 5.1.1 platform. The device is also said to feature 1082 single-core and 3298 double-score. However, there is no official confirmation from LG or Google. Therefore, to get any confirmation regarding the benchmark suite, Nexus fans will have to wait for some more time.

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iPhone 7 May Not Feature The Home Button?

Technology giant Apple is reportedly ready with the iPhone 7. Even though experts state that there will not be any significant changes on the technological front, some radical changes are expected with regard to the home button. Technical experts have stated that biometric, ultrasonic sensors can be used, which will be installed under the Gorilla glass. With use of this technology, the device will be unlocked only after it reads the fingerprints of users.

New design of iPhone 7 can be a breakthrough in technologyWill it be a success?

It is a bold step  to replace the home button with ultrasonic sensors and if Apple does this, it remains to see will it be a success or a failure.

Users have been keen on getting this technology for a long time but it was not a success because of some technical glitches. 

How things will be working out

As of now, Apple has not planned to remove the home button from their phone or rather any other product because the touch ID issue has not been fixed. Now the users will just have to wait and watch for Apple to introduce their new product range. 

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New Lumia 950 and 950 XL May Sport Gorgeous Metal Frame And USB C

Microsoft is rumored to launch Lumia 950 and 950 XL instead of Lumia 940 variants. The looks of the smartphone was still a secret, but somehow it was disclosed by various sources, as reported by It has been reported that new Lumia 950 and 950 XL both will be having a metal frame as body and a USB-C connecter and charger will be available with the set. 

New Lumia 950 and 950 XL to don gorgeous metal frame and USB CKnowing about the specifications

Listed below are the rumored specifications of the Lumia 950 XL and 950

  • 950 may come with 5.2 inch screen and 950 XL will have a 5.7 inch screen
  • Lumia 950 will be having Qualcomm Snapdragon (six core) processor and 950 XL will have a eight core processor.
  • Both the Smartphones could come with  3GB RAM and internal memory of 32 GB which is expandable
  • Lumia 950 will hold a 20 MP camera and the Lumia 950 XL will have a three flash camera with 20 MP rear cameras.
  • Both the phones will have a 5 MP front camera along with USB type C

Final Verdict

After going through the leak information, one can say that both Lumia 950 and 950 XL will be soaring high once they are launched in the month of October-November.

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Google Photos Auto Updates Pictures in Android Phones: Deleting the App is Not Enough

Storing photographs on Google Photos has become an easy way to treasure memories in their digital format forever. Though the app works splendidly on the Android operating system, there might be the chance you want to discontinue using it. For those who have tried doing that, there has been a challenge. Once the app is installed on the device, it is not enough to delete it because it keeps uploading photos even after that.

GG1- next version of Google Glass is on the wayGoogle Photos uploads images on its  own

The editor of Nashville Business Journal David Arnott recently reported the anomaly on his phone after he found that photos are getting uploaded even though he deleted the app a few months back. According to reports, Arnott decided to try the app once again and it was then he discovered that the app he has already deleted is uploading the photos on its own.

Though this initially appears to be an anomaly, it is actually not so as the settings of the app are related to the Google Settings of the phone. Therefore, users who do not want their photos to be uploaded via Google Photos need to visit Google settings and turn off “Google Photo Backup”. 

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Smartphone Diseases- The New Danger Spread By Doctors In Hospitals

A Tasmanian study has showed  that Smartphones used by doctors in hospitals could be the source of diseases. Let’s see how.

Danger from smartphones

With augment of technology, these smart devices have changed the networking and Smartphone Diseases- The new danger in Hospitals spread by doctorsoperations of working in hospitals because these devices are now largely taken into use for accessing laboratory results or ti know about the well-being of the patients who are admitted in the hospitals.

However, excess use of these devices can be a reason for putting the health of the patients at risk. The study, which was conducted, stated that nearly 50% of the Smartphones used in hospitals are having one species of bacteria, 40% had two variants and nearly 3% had three other categories of bacteria. Further stated in the report that one of the kind of bacteria known as “Pathogenic” known for spreading infections is found on the Smartphones that are being used by the doctors in the hospital.

What experts say?

Dr. Chao has stated that even though these bacteria are mild, they are harmful enough to cause blood infection in patients suffering from compromised immune. According to Dr. Chao, the mobile devices that are used so frequently in the hospital premises should also be cleaned through a disinfectant similar to the way cloths and hands are cleaned. It has also been seen that only nearly 5% of medical professionals do it regularly. Even though there are protocols for sterilizing equipment used in hospitals, nothing such is followed for the Smartphones, hence the same should be developed for the betterment of the future.

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Will Microsoft Surface Pro 4 hit the market in July or October 2015?

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How To Use Push Bullet To Receive Notifications Across Multiple Devices

Push Bullet is much more than a notification application. It not only sends and receives notifications across multiple devices such as PC and smartphones but also lets the users send and receive content from their computer and smartphones.

Push-bullet- How to transfer the files

All you have to do is to download the app from Google Play store and sign in using Using push bullet to receive notifications across multiple devices your e-mail account. One of its best features is that this app works perfectly on iOS devices as well.  The users can send messages, web URL or a file to their devices. After this the app will ask you to download Chrome, Firefox or Opera on your device and computer. If you want to share any file using push bullet, then click on it and go to share option and select “share using push bullet”. A notification will pop up asking you to select the device to which you want to share the content. Just select from the list of devices you have added during the set up to complete the process.

Easiest way to transfer files

The easiest way to transfer a photo a file is by using push bullet to send it on your computer. It will also save you the time of rushing through your e-mail or Dropbox accounts. You can even use quick beam feature to view the picture in full quality. Push bullet also allows the users to edit and touch up images from their smartphones or tablets. Another remarkable feature of push bullet is that it can be easily integrated with some of the best web services such as Zapier, IFTTT and even TASKER.

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The Best Android Apps To Make Your Phone Battery Last Longer

Android devices have always struggled on the battery front. There are a number of free battery saving applications available on Google plate which will extend the battery life of your device. If the battery is draining quickly, that does not mean that your smartphone has issues.

On the contrary, it reflects the tasks your phone does. Most android users often use internet for various tasks such as messaging, watching videos and listening to the music. All these tasks drain the battery very quickly hence’ you must install a good battery saving application on your device to get rid of this issue. Some of the most popular and highly rated battery saving apps are listed below

  • The best android apps which will make your battery last longer Battery doctor- Battery doctor is amidst one of the most downloaded battery saving apps on Google play. It comes with many advanced feature like silent mode, gaming mode, stop auto restart of apps etc.
  • Du battery saver- one of the best features of this apps is that it does not slow down the device and is very easy to use. It also informs the users if the device is running multiple background processes.    
  • Avast battery Saver- this recently launched application has gained instant popularity due to its high end functionality
  • ES battery saver- This battery saver is amidst of the most trusted battery saving apps on Google play. The paid version of the apps hosts many exciting features.
  • 2 Battery- This app controls your battery by monitoring your internet usage.

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Lumia 940 Vs Rumored iPhone 7: Who Will Win?

Apple is rumored to scorch smartphone territory with the iPhone 7 but will it fare well against the  upcoming Lumia 940 and Lumia 940 XL from Microsoft? From what we know, the iPhone 7 will be ultra slim as much as 0.2 mm sans a bezel. So for those who thought the  iPhone 6 was slim, the successor will be sleek though about 10 per cent dimmer than the iPhone 6, according to DigiTimes.

Rumored Microsoft 940 Vs Rumored iPhone 7: Who Will Win?The iPhone 7 Story

Perhaps this is a dampener but Apple might offer new chips for the backlight. As for the shutter story, the iPhone 7 welcome laced with a 12 MP clicker with RGWB specs with a great ability for quick focus, according to information 9to5Mac quoted from Feng.

The upcoming iPhone 7 will see a beefy A10 processor while we sniffed news that the Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company is working on chips for the same, according to GforGame. Highlights of the supposed specs of the iPhone7 are Force Touch feature, construction of Bendgate-resilient grade and of course, the iOS 9.

The Lumia 940 Story

With so much on cards, Lumia 940 is a direct competitor that will come at 5.2-inches on the QHD resolution display. Beefy speeds are guranteed with hexa-core Snapdragon 808 chipset. Add to this, 3GB RAM and 32GB internal storage thrown alongside 20 MP main camera, we already know what is the more powerful ware between the next iPhone ad the upcoming Lumia. 

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Samsung Galaxy S6 Active To Be Backed With 10,000 mAh Battery ?

Wireless charging and power banks for smartphones might become an old story soon, as a Chinese manufacturer, Oukitel is reportedly working on a battery that needs to be charged once in a week, reports Phandroid.

 Truth or myth?

Some recent images indicated Oukitel working on a smartphone battery that needs to beSmartphone with 10,000 mAh battery might be a reality soon charged once in a week. Though there is no official confirmation from the manufacturers, the image represents the look of Samsung Galaxy S6 Active and is backed with 10,000 mAh battery.

While Oukitel is in the news for launching a phone with a bigger and stronger battery, the other Chinese mobile phone manufacturing companies Gionee as well as ZTE are also reported to experiment on the same. Though the battery power is the primary concern of people, many are also interested to know about the dimension and weight of the phone with the massive battery.

 Availability of the smartphone

While the news that a smartphone with stronger battery may hit the market in the coming days, there are speculations regarding the availability of the phone outside the Asian market. People are interested to know, whether the company is at all interested to make the phone in bigger numbers. Yet, if they have plans of targeting the global market, then it might give a tough competition to Google phones, Apple or Samsung handsets. 

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Samsung Galaxy S6 Plus Leaked Image Surfaces, May Arrive By August

Latest buzz suugests that Samsung Galaxy S6 may not be innovative. @OnLeaks is the source that has revealed that the upcoming S6 Edge Plus will not be any more innovative than what we have seen from latest Samsung phones. A new image for the same has also been posted on Twitter that reveals dimensions of 154.45mm x 75.80mm x 6.85mm. The display is sized 5.5 inches diagonally.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Plus Set To Arrive By August In 5.5 Incher Screen Size, Says @OnLeaksThe Big Screen Story

In addition, we have sniffed chances that the smartphone will have a very new-age USB Type-C slot. This is however, doubted by some.  The biggest dampener to all these leaks is that the Korean maker has not officially confirmed the release of the giant version of Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge.

What Lies Inside The Giant Edge?

Supposedly, this Edge Plus version will not be powered by a hugely powerful CPU but will only come with a Snapdragon 808 processor.  As for the shutter, expect a 16 MP one on the back.  

In terms of the OS, it is set to be Android 5.1.1. Good news is that the latest revelations are akin to the leaked snaps of the Galaxy S6 Edge we spotted over the web a fortnight back. We are anticipating a release between July and September though there is no official confirmation.

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