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Spotify Premium Mini Subscription Plan Up for Grab at Rs. 2

Spotify Premium Mini Subscription Plan

Stream ad-free music for just Rs. 2 per week on Spotify. However, there is a catch. The new premium mini plan comes with a challenge. On winning or completing the same, the user would be rewarded with a discounted premium mini subscription plan.

More details about the challenge

To get the benefits the users need to start with using Spotify premium mini for at least 6 days within the next 30 days. You can buy six one-day subscriptions that would cost Rs. 42 or go for a weekly premium mini subscription plan for Rs. 25. Then Spotify would reduce the price to Rs. 2 for the next week’s premium mini subscription.

For people using Spotify for a while, there is a high chance of winning a 3-month Spotify subscription. Once you get the offer, you need to confirm the payment method should you want to continue with a paid subscription. If you do not want to pay the membership fee after three months, you can cancel the subscription that you got for free at the end of the third month.

Szymon Kopeć tweeted, “After months of development and testing, today at @Spotify my team has launched our new baby, built with Asia in mind: Rewards 💎 Program.

Starting rollout from India 🇮🇳 and one of the Premium plans: Premium Mini.

Check it out and let me know whatcha think!”

Prices of Spotify Premium subscription plans in India

Spotify Premium subscription plan for a month costs Rs. 117 for individual users. A duo-subscription plan would cost Rs. 149 per month. There is a family subscription plan that is priced at Rs. 179 and can be used by up to six people. Students can avail of Spotify premium for Rs. 66 only per month.

All the premium plans allow users to download up to 10k songs and the account can be used on five different devices like laptops, smartphones, smart TVs, and tablets.