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Soon WhatsApp Users May Track Who Left the Group Chats

According to WaBetaInfo, WhatsApp tracker reports, WhatsApp group managers or members of WhatsApp’s beta version on iPhone may know who left the WhatsApp group or was removed from chat within the last sixty days. That too without ruining the group chat going on WhatsApp.

This added feature is assumed to be one of the valuable tools for the group admins. WhatApp’s toolkit already has a new Group Discussion feature. One of these new options includes ‘See Past Participants’ on the Group Information page. It will allow the users to see the list of gone group members under the list of present group members.

Whatsapp Fetaures 1

Search Box Feature on WhatsApp group

Search Box is an added feature on WhatsApp groups; this separate search box will have the list of banned users. This feature may solve any confusion related to lengthy chats, due to which many group members often leave or rejoin the group. Besides this, the feature will also be helpful for small businesses WhatsApp groups, where group members communicate on internal matters and client involvement.

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Indeed this feature will help in the smooth functioning of small business communication and will bring the formal environment to group chats.

The updated version will have some changes in the usual notification system also. Whenever a group member leaves or gets booted, only group admins will be notified about the incident through ‘in-chat.’ The reason for these changes is probably to speed up the moderation. That’s how the names of the participants who will leave the group will become the ‘Past Participants.’

These changes in the WhatsApp group features will help the admins better control the group members and their activities in the group. These features benefit formal group communications, requiring only applicable information exchange.

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Palak Sharma
Palak Sharma
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