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Sony Set to Enter Into JV with Honda

Sony has announced plans to enter into the automotive segment via a joint venture with giant Honda. To be called Sony Honda Mobility, the JV is expected to launch its first electronic vehicle or EV in 2026. The EV will be made by Honda, using software systems and electronics from Sony.

The inside scoop

Honda might even set Sony PS5 console of its video game in the upcoming autonomous car. According to reports, Sony has plans to integrate the PlayStation 5 console in the EV. The car infotainment system with the gaming console is possible in terms of technology, as per Izumi Kawanishi, the President of Sony Honda Mobility.

This PS5 platform in their upcoming EV will actually help the joint venture to catch up with automakers’ system, such as Tesla and the FSD system based on vision. This PS5 platform would bring in software as well as infotainment while also integrating sensors as well as tech needed for autonomous driving.

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This Level 3 autonomous EV anticipated from Sony Honda Mobility might get previewed in January 2023 at Las Vegas, before the CES or Consumer Electronics Specs, pricing, powertrain, range and onboard related tech are expected around the preview day.

Summing up

Earlier in October of this year, the Sony Group and Honda Motor announced plans for delivering first EVs in the US by 2026, with pre-orders starting in 2025. The companies have plans to use movies, music, as well as gaming for building electric cars around premium entertainment experiences. 

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Satarupa Bhattacharya
Satarupa Bhattacharya
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