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Simple Guide on How to Recover Free Fire Facebook Account

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People can create a Free Fire account using their Facebook. At times some people lose their Facebook account due to being deactivated or hacking. This also leads to losing Free Fire account details since it was connected with Facebook. However, do not worry as we got you covered. We would assist you with how to recover Free Fire Facebook account.

How to recover Free Fire Facebook account?

  • Create a new Free Fire account and link it with a new Facebook account
  • The old account data would be transferred to the new one
  • Keep the previous Player ID, In-game Name, and Region handy
  • Contact Facebook about your deactivated account
  • If the account is deactivated temporarily, you can get access to your Free Fire account when you get access to your Facebook account
  • If your Facebook account has been permanently deactivated, Facebook would inform you of the same
  • Take a screenshot of the email sent by Facebook
  • Go to the Free Fire Support Desk
  • Enter your email address
  • Choose Account Loss as the issue
  • Fill in details about the account as prompted
  • Give Player ID, In-game Name, and Current Server
  • Attach the screenshot of the email from Facebook which said access to your Facebook account is denied
  • Submit the form

Watch this YouTube video:

Things to remember

If you want your issue to be resolved within the shortest amount of time, keep the following things in mind while filing the complaint:

  • Provide the same email address which was linked to your Facebook account
  • Ensure that the Facebook account is not accessed recently, which is a possibility if the account is hacked
  • If your Facebook account is hacked, reset the password to recover the account and the Free Fire account will automatically be restored
  • File a complaint with Free Fire only if your Facebook account is permanently deactivated or disabled
  • The process may take up to seven days provided all the information are correct

It makes sense that you wanted to know how to recover Free Fire Facebook account since you must have accumulated rare items in the game. You probably paid real money for the same. Nobody would want to lose what they got in a game for trivial reasons. Hope this article helped you get your Free Fire account back. Share it with other Free Fire players who might have lost their account too or could face it in the future.

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