Several media reports suggest a new Samsung & Microsoft partnership is on the cards. The companies have reportedly renewed their long-held partnership with Microsoft just days ahead of Galaxy Note 10 Event. The Seoul-based tech giant has agreed to sell some of its flagship smartphones with pre-installed Microsoft Android apps such as the “Your Phone” app that links phones with Windows 10 PCs. The company is set to install several Microsoft apps, including OneNote, OneDrive and Skype on the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge. It has also accepted the proposal of installing Word, Excel, and PowerPoint on selected Samsung Android tablets.

The high-end event will focus on Samsung showcasing how the different Microsoft Office apps will work on their new mobile phones. Along side the Samsung & Microsoft partnership, it is expected that the tech giant will launch two models of Note 10 – the Galaxy Note 10 and Galaxy Note 10 Plus in the event to be held in Brooklyn next week. The Galaxy Note 10 Plus is likely to be updated with the much-awaited 45W fast charging. Although the handset will only come with a 25W charger in the box, the users, on the other hand, can buy the 45W charger for faster battery charging by paying an additional cost.

Samsung & Microsoft Partnership

Match Made in Heaven?

After an unsteady beginning, it was in 2011 when Microsoft and Samsung resolved their patent-licensing dispute. The former receives patent licensing royalties for billions from Samsung after Android allegedly infringed the patent rights. It was only in 2015 that both Microsoft and Samsung agreed to expand their partnership. It was under this partnership that the mobile maters agreed to pre-install certain Microsoft services and apps on its Android devices.

Microsoft’s interest has always been straightforward. Since the company was not able to sustain itself in the mobile market, the only way for it to stay in the market is by offering versions of its apps and services that work on Android phones as well as iPhones. The Samsung & Microsoft partnership should help both giants score better in the market.

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