With the OnePlus OxygenOS update, you can expect some great features — the Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 chipset, up to 12GB of RAM, and up to 256GB of UFS 3.0 storage. However, its best feature remains the display with a 1440p 90Hz panel. In fact, DisplayMate called it one of the “best smartphone panels ever”. Sadly, not everything about the display appears to be the best as the users are reporting that their devices are suffering from “ghost touch” issues.

OnePlus 7 Pro OxygenOS update

OnePlus OxygenOS update Phantom Touch

What is ‘Ghost Touch’ or ‘Phantom Touch’? The ghost touch issue is a software problem. It is a tap on the screen that users don’t tend to input themselves. This can range in reactions that are harmless as well as annoying. Not just that, typing becomes extremely difficult because of this touch.

To solve this issue, the company sought suggested OnePlus 7 Pro users disable NFC as a temporary workaround. To test this issue on your own 7 pro, download and install the free CPU-Z app. Open the app and let the phone sit idle with the display on. You will notice that these touch inputs happen even though you are not touching the phone. These are ghost inputs.

With a OnePlus OxygenOS update, the company is hoping to fix touchscreen issues, including the ghost touch. The update brings a bunch of camera improvements. You can check the availability of the latest OnePlus OxygenOS update by going through Settings > System Update. It is 127MB in size. Here is the complete change log for the new update.


Overall improved contrast and color performance

  • Better white balance consistency
  • Enhanced accuracy and stability with autofocusing
  • Solves concerns of noise in some HDR scenes
  • Better UW contrast & color saturation


  • Optimized Double Tap to Wake
  • Fixed issues with Ambient Display
  • Improved the audio quality for voice calls from third-party apps
  • Improved touch sensitivity for screen
  • The improvements of the camera are extensive, including optimization for noise reduction in photography scenarios. Improved accuracy and stability of autofocusing. Another aspect of this update is the improvement of the audio quality for voice calls made from third-party apps. This is relevant for a lot of users who use apps such as Whatsapp and Skype to make video calls. The OnePlus OxygenOS update is always rolled out in batches.

If the smartphone maker manages to satisfy the complaints of the users regularly with OnePlus OxygenOS updates, it could still end up being this year’s top Android phone.