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Rohtak Market Houses Something for the Future

Hidden amid the buzz of Rohtak, New Edge Soft Sol symbolises what the future could look like. The PCIr risers, motherboards and wires around the server farm that is located in Rohtak seem to be an answer to the blockchain industry in India.

This server farm actually works on verifying and validating transactions that work on blockchain. The engineers also track activities 24*7 to ensure that fake stuff such as retail goods that are counterfeit or tampered certificates are no longer happening around. The start-up, headed by Monu Nagar, CEO, works to disrupt the DLT or distributed ledger technology space.

Understanding what blockchain can do

The lack of true knowledge and education in the blockchain domain has ensured that this start-up is barely recognized by those around. However, its MD and founder, Pardeep Narwal; is highly optimistic of the future since his start-up saw pivoting towards the DLT space ever since the pandemic came into play.

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For the unacquainted, Blockchain refers to peer-to-peer ledgers that is digital and decentralised. It uses open-source tech to record a transaction chronologically in the encrypted blocks. This therefore, forms secure chain for recorded data.

What is the government stand?

Government policy for India in context of crypto currency or blockchain still is unclear and has no framework as far as the legality of the same is concerned.

Earlier in 2020, National Informatics Centre operating under Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology has launched a Centre of Excellence for blockchain technology in Bengaluru. Currently, All India Council for Technical Education or AICTE offers a certificate course for blockchain, free of cost.

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Summing up

These signify more hope for the Rohtak start-up that first started out as a teaching portal online. Then, it ventured into hardware infra and see what happens. Narwal says, “If anything, it could do more harm than good. Even now whenever we face problems, we solve them on our own, be it an error or a faulty server or a technical fault.”

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Satarupa Bhattacharya
Satarupa Bhattacharya
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