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Quickly Learn How to Make Money with ChatGPT in 10 Unique Ways?

If you ever wondered how ChatGPT could help you, think again. Apart from so many things it can do, ChatGPT can be used to earn money as well. Innumerable people are already taking advantage of this. It is time for you to learn how to make money with ChatGPT without any technical knowledge.

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How to make money with ChatGPT?

1. Find unclaimed money: OpenAI plugins andChatGPT 4 can help you find out unclaimed money under your name. This is possible in the USA if not anywhere else. DoNotPay’s CEO verified the same in his tweet. Joshua Browder tweeted, “I asked the new ChatGPT browsing extension to find me some money. Within a minute, I had $210 on the way to my bank account from the California Government. (1/4)”

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how to make money with chat gpt 1

ChatGPT 4 with the browser plugin can access the internet and discover unclaimed refunds from government agencies and companies under your name. You just need to ask ChatGPT to find money by giving relevant information about yourself, like name, date of birth, and location. It shall scour the internet and find links if any to get the refunds.

2. Build a website, app, browser extension, or any digital product: You can ask ChatGPT to write codes to build an app, website, browser extension, or any digital product. You do not need to know how to code. Just let ChatGPT know about your ideas and it can translate them into real stuff along with step-by-step instructions on the ways to use toolchains, frameworks, programming languages, etc.

Recently a Ukrainian entrepreneur, Ihor Stefurak, without any knowledge of programming created a Chrome extension taking help from ChatGPT. He earned $ 1000 within 24 hours of launching it.

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how to make money with chat gpt 2

If you go for the paid ChatGPT 4, the results are better and more reliable.

3. Create an AI chatbot: The demand for AI-assisted chatbots has increased with the launch of ChatGPT. Apps, educational institutions, businesses, and even individuals are looking to train AI on their data to create a customized AI chatbot.

It is possible to earn a decent income by learning to train an AI and create a front end.

how to make money with chat gpt 3

The best part is that you need not be a programmer. You can take help from ChatGPT for this as well. Thus, you can create and sell custom-trained AI chatbots for database management, technical assistance, customer service, etc.

4. Get business ideas: You can even ask ChatGPT to give you some business ideas.

how to make money with chat gpt 4

ChatGPT shall ask several questions to know more about your expertise, ability, talent, potential, interests, expectations, preferences, challenges, etc. Depending on your answers, it shall come with tailor-made business ideas. You may also ask ChatGPT to help you further with starting the business of your choice.

5. Write e-books and self-publish: Ai-written e-books are all over Amazon. Conceptualizing new ideas and writing about the same became easier with ChatGPT. This AI-powered chatbot is helping many to write e-books on niche and relevant topics. Then people are selling them on Amazon through the Kindle Direct Publishing platform.

how to make money with chat gpt 5

It is to be noted that ChatGPT does not respond with long replies at once. Thus, you need to begin with the outline and add each paragraph slowly. Give it a try if you have some ideas but cannot thread them into words. You could probably end up with a lot of money.

6. Become a virtual assistant: An avid ChatGPT user can become a virtual assistant and help others with their requirements. For instance, sending emails, Slack messages, perfecting codes, drafting stories, and doing translations are some of the things that a virtual assistant can do with help from ChatGPT plugins.

7. Freelancing and content creation: You can use ChatGPT to freelance in any domain and also to create content to make money. These days, a lot of companies are incentivizing individuals who use AI tools to ensure that the content looks well-researched and professional.

Apart from content writing, freelancing also involves digital marketing, translation, writing product descriptions, proofreading, etc. Fiverr even has an AI services category. You can get work related to AI content editing, fact-checking, technical writing, etc.

8. Discover keywords for SEO: You can offer content-producing agencies relevant keywords for their content and earn money in return. ChatGPT would help you generate appropriate keywords when you ask. It can also provide titles, meta descriptions, and proper instructions to improve the visibility of the content online.

9. Email and affiliate marketing: Email marketing and affiliate marketing are great ways to make money and you can now use ChatGPT to do the heavy lifting. Previously, what used to be done by you could be done by ChatGPT now.

ChatGPT could write properly pitched emails with striking subject lines. They could persuade users to go to the given links and subscribe to advertised services or buy products. Do not forget to add your affiliate link to earn money. To start with, find an affiliate program like Shopify, Amazon, ConvertKit, Flipkart, etc.

how to make money with chat gpt 6

Thereafter, build an email list around the targeting campaign using email signups, lead magnets, etc. Now ask ChatGPT to write a captivating email campaign including the services offers, benefits, and your affiliate link.

Then monitor the emails for conversion and click-through rates to get an idea of how the campaign is performing.

10. Create images and videos with ChatGPT: When you give the right prompts to ChatGPT, it can do wonders. Ask ChatGPT to give you ideas for videos and images in a specific category. You can further ask ChatGPT to describe the same or give you more context on it.

Then you can take help from other AI tools to create videos with AI-backed narration and images from the text.

how to make money with chat gpt 7

You can upload videos on YouTube and sell the images to earn money. It is also possible to create content around topical events.

Watch this YouTube video:

Now that you know how to make money with ChatGPT do not wait up as the competition would only get tough with more people finding out about the ways. Since, you got to know about it early on, take the plunge and secure your finances. If you find this article useful, share this with others.

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