Ever since the ban on the battle royale game, fans have been eagerly waiting for the PUBG India relaunch. As per rumours, Krafton has been talking with the Indian government to decide on the PUBG Mobile India relaunch date. According to a Kraft representative, the company is in talks with the Indian government and is now awaiting their feedback and approvals to relaunch PUBG Mobile in India.

The government had previously stated that it is unlikely to remove the ban on Chinese apps, including PUBG. To relaunch PUBG, Krafton has joined hands with Nodwin, a subsidiary of Nazara, another established gaming firm in India.  It is now being speculated that the former will, in all probabilities, make full use of Nodwin’s local connection to bring back PUBG Mobile in India.

PUBG Mobile India Relaunch

 Krafton has invested $22.4 million in Nodwin and both the developers have decided to host two PUBG Mobile events in Asia. The investment in Nodwin has given rise to speculations hovering around a possible PUBG Mobile India relaunch.

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Krafton is doing everything for PUBG Mobile relaunch in India

Krafton has its eyes set on PUBG Mobile India release. If all goes well, no pre-registration for PUBG: New State will be required. In the past, to make sure the government lifts ban on PUBG, the developers of the game even tried to let go off their Chinese connection by stepping away from China-based Tencent Games. Last year, in September 2020, PUBG Corporation had announced its decision to no longer authorise the Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) Mobile franchise to China-based Tencent Games in India, give rise to hopes of the ban being lifted. However, that didn’t prove fruitful.

PUBG Mobile India Relaunch 1

Krafton’s Corporate Development Head Sean Hyunil Sohn has made it clear that the developing company cares about Indian market and is currently working hard on convincing the Centre to lift the ban. He also said that the company is not planning on having an official PUBG Mobile India release date, but is for sure making all efforts to make sure PUBG loyalists can enjoy their favorite battle royale game.

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Krafton recently said that their latest PUBG: New State will be launched only after PUBG Mobile India launches in the country.     What are your views on the ban on Chinese apps by the govt.? Do you think the Centre should lift the ban and allow for PUBG Mobile relaunch in India? Write your views in the comment section. You can also sign in for our newsletter to get latest technology news delivered to your mailbox.