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Pichai Hinted Google to Fire More Employees Soon

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Google seems to be following the footsteps of Amazon and Meta when it comes to laying offs. Latest reports suggest that the company is gearing towards another round of firing soon. Even Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google, hinted about more layoffs in recent interviews.

To wall street

Pichai told Wall Street Journal that the company is “very, very focused” on the current opportunities they have, and a “lot of work” is “left”. Google is prioritizing its most important areas and accordingly moving its workforce.

Pichai stated, “We’re very, very focused on this set of opportunities we have, and I think there’s a lot of work left. There’s also an important inflection point with AI. Where we can, we are definitely prioritizing and moving people to our most important areas, so that is ongoing work.” 

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More information

Previously Google’s CEO said that the organization is aiming to become 20% more efficient. Recently, he said the company is doing its best to be more efficient and “literally looking at every aspect of what we do”. 

Mr. Sundar said that Google is also working on durably re-engineering its cost base. Although some progress has been done still a lot of work is yet to be completed.

Pichai Hinted Google to Fire More Employees Soon 1

He added, “We are trying to accomplish that across many different ways. We’re literally looking at every aspect of what we do, and as we said on our last earnings call, we’re thinking about how to re-engineer our cost base durably. We are definitely being focused on creating durable savings. We are pleased with the progress, but there’s more work left to do.”


Pichai neither denied nor confirmed the company’s likelihood of laying off more people. However, he clarified the company’s focus on prioritizing important aspects and improving efficiency.

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This information comes a few months after Google fired about 12000 employees globally in January 2023. The company started by firing people in the USA and then in India. Google laid off about 850 people in India if reports are to be believed. However, the organization did not announce any number officially.

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To cut costs and make the organization more efficient, Google is making various other internal changes as well. For instance, the company is not offering staplers and snacks to its employees anymore. Even the people are asked to share desks.

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