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150+ Participants Showcase New Tech at Police Hackathon, Bangalore

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The IIIT-B (International Institute of Information Technology, Bangalore) along with the police department of Karnataka co-hosted a 30-hour police hackathon on the 4th and 5th of February 2023. More than 150 participants came for the hybrid event at Police Hackathon, Bangalore. People from outside of Bangalore also participated in the hackathon.

Participants in the event

People from all walks of life like start-ups, students, civic-tech enthusiasts, and students contributed to the event. The Police Hackathon, Bangalore was intended to fix matters like missing person identification, crowd-sourcing of records, and fraud app detection with the help of technologies like artificial intelligence, data science, and machine intelligence.

Aim of the events

The Karnataka police is looking at employing some of the latest and innovative technologies in their investigation to address menaces like cybercrime overall. They would like to have more such tools to be invented.

“Our professors have been advising the police department on strategic and technological issues”, said Prof Debabrata Das, director at IIIT-B. He added, “The department wanted to adopt new-age technologies to address some of the emerging challenges. Hence the idea of a police hackathon (Police Hackathon, Bangalore) was born.”

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