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OPPO Find X5|Undeniably Best Looking Phone Ever

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OPPO 2022 flagship has emerged as the best-looking phone till now. For now, there is no other phone in the market who can offer this much appealing body. From the body to the camera, to all specifications, OPPO Find X5 is winning everywhere with flying colors. The moment you hold this phone in hand you won’t ask for the reasons. But it is not possible for now so, let us decode every bit of this phone and why it is the best-looking phone ever.


Display: 6.7” WQHD + AMOLED

Refresh rate: 1HZ-120HZ

TSR: 240HZ

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Processor: Snapdragon 8-Gen-1 Qualcomm

RAM: 12GB + 256GB

Main Camera: 50MP f/1.7)+50MP (f/2.2)+13MP(f/2.4) telephoto camera

Selfie Camera: 32MP

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Connectivity: 5G

Battery: 5000mAh along with 50w wireless charging

OPPO Find X5 1

The secret behind the irresistible body of OPPO Find X5

The very first thing that will be noticed about this phone will be its body. Manufacturers have made it with microcrystalline ceramic. Which is the reason behind its buttery smooth finish and a jaw-dropping appearance.

Three Rear cameras are placed in the asymmetrical module, which gives the impression of a water bubble when you watch it from a distance (quite an exclusive accessory to have)

And the front camera is placed at the upper right corner of the phone, giving a clean look to its screen. All these body features make the OPPO Find X5 best looking phone ever.

When it comes to flexing your phone, no one wants to flex a phone which is good on the outside only. Fortunately, this is not the case with OPPO Find X5. Let’s get into the exclusive features it is offering.


OPPO Find X5 in integration with HASSELBLAD means OPPO cameras are from the Swedish manufacturer company. Usually, photographers use these expensive cameras but now, it is available in OPPO Find X5 also. Imagine having a phone whose cameras are coming from the expensive manufacturer company.


A 13MP telephoto lens in the rear camera, which is offering improved optical zoom performance.

OPPO Find X5 2

Other than this, a 5-axis OIS image stabilization system along with OPPO’s MariSilicon X imaging NPU chip is making it a successful camera phone in low light. So, cameras are serving their purpose in the low light also. No worries about the breaking pixels.

Dual-cell Battery

OPPO Find X5 is using a different way of using batteries. This way battery workload will be minimized and battery life will be prolonged.

Charging speed has also been minimized to around 30 minutes. Thanks to the 80w SuperVOOC charger, which you’ll get along with the phone. Not to forget about the wireless charging of 50w is also coming in the same package. That means it’s battery is going to be long lasting without any complains.

All in all the way OPPO FIND X5 has built its body and design is making it stand out in the market. Colors they have chosen, material which is twice as hard as glass (which means no breakage if drops from your hand) and the ceramic body. However not just the body, its inside features are no less than its outside looks. And hence it is that must-have phone which is, the best-looking phone ever.

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