With Spotify expanding its reach in the global market, the music streaming service is continuously working on refining user experience. Recently Spotify rolled out a much-needed redesign for its desktop and web player to keep up with spirit of its over-updated mobile app. 

Spotify has indeed revolutionized the way we access music and did not feel inferior or lost in accepting that its desktop and web product was inferior to its mobile app. It said,  “We felt [the] experience hadn’t kept up, and that it was time for a change.”

Latest Spotify Web & App updates

  • Cleaner homepage
  • Additional filters for library
  • New playlist tools
  •  New search bar
  • Download button to play offline

Spotify has gone on for some aesthetic makeover, including a fresh homepage with additional filters to help welcome your library. It has also added new playlist tools along with a download button to enable users to paly music even when offline. With this new button, users can also save their favourite music and podcasts.

Spotify Web & App 1

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The latest Spotify web and app updates can even push you to the desktop player on the mobile app, and when creating your playlist, the integrated search bar will prove quite handy and beneficial. With the new update, users will also eb able to write descriptions, upload pictures, and even drag and drop tracks to the already existing playlist. Also, the new controllers will allow users to share their playlist not only with friends but with public as well.

Additional update includes the ability to edit your queue and “recently played” content from the desktop app. The desktop app has also got a download button next to tracks for more ease to paid users.

Spotify Web & App 2

With all these new updates, it surely means that Spotify is listening to its consumers. And has started recognising the importance of its non-mobile applications. In an official statement, it said, “We believe in the future of both platforms. We want to make sure that It can continue to meet the needs of our users now and in the future.”

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Spotify web & app updates will be soon rolled out for all free and premium users globally. Stay tuned to know more about the latest inclusions in Spotify. You can also sign in for our newsletter to get the latest technology news delivered to your mailbox.