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New Camera Shortcut Coming on WhatsApp | Check the Details of Upcoming Feature


WhatsApp keeps coming up with new updates to make the application more comfortable for users. As per the resources, WhatsApp is working on a new shortcut for the camera feature. However, the exact date for the update is not known yet. Stating about the same, WABetaInfo shared in a tweet, “WhatsApp beta for Android what’s new? WhatsApp is working on a new camera shortcut, for a future update of the app!”

WABetaInfo further announced through a report that Whatsapp recently released an update for Android, enabling the ability to make communities. “When this feature is enabled, it automatically replaces the camera tab with the communities tab so people have a new dedicated place where to find all their communities and the ones they previously joined. But… where is the camera tab? WhatsApp is studying a solution to restore it,” the report stated.

New Camera Shortcut Coming on WhatsApp 1

WhatsApp is shifting the camera feature by the side of the search button so that users can access it via a shortcut instead of the earlier longer way. “This is only one of the changes related to WhatsApp communities that are coming in a future update for more people” as per the reports.

Other than the camera feature, WhatsApp is also adding a new header within the archived chats for some lucky beta testers. “Last year, WhatsApp released the new archive, an upgraded version of the feature that lets people keep their archived chats in the archive even when new messages arrive. This feature can also be disabled right within WhatsApp Settings > chats, but probably some people are still now aware of this setting so Whatsapp wants to highlight it. WhatsApp is now releasing a new shortcut to archive settings by adding a header within the list of your archived chats,” according to WABetaInfo.

If the user taps the archive header, WhatsApp will redirect the user to the archive settings, where he/she can decide how to edit and manage the archive from the app. The upcoming camera as well as archive shortcuts are going to make WhatsApp handier for the users.