Moto X Leaked Images: Phone May Feature 5.2-inches Display And 16MP Camera

Motorola X Style Comes Loaded With 21 MP Snapper

Motorola is expected to make a great move in the smartphone market by introducing two handsets at the same time. According to the company statement made this week, both Moto G and Moto X are slated for an official release on July 28. While the company is not interested in revealing any other update about the handsets, leaked images of the phones give some hint regarding their features, reports Techradar.  Moto X anticipated features Moto G photos have been already doing round in web for some time and now sources have also revealed some pictures of Moto X. The leaked image indicates the phone to have a similar design to that of 2015 Moto G and both the handsets come with a metallic trim highlighting the back. Yet, the texture of the back panels are not the same and Moto X is said to have metallic bezel. While the leaked [+more]

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Lumia 640 Still A Hit– Despite Contract And Hardware Limitations

Lumia 640 Still A Hit-- Despite Contract And Hardware Limitations

The Lumia 640 has become a fan favourite due to speeds, reliability and sharpness and ease of pic taking with its camera. Despite being a budget choice, Nokia had delivered immense value with this handset.  Then again, the Windows OS killed all the great specs on the phone and to the lack of bandwidth to support the right apps on the Lumia 640. The Lumia 640 Hardware Not just that we do not like the plasticy build either, despite it belonging to old-school Nokia ideals.  In terms of hardware and longevity alone, the Lumia 640 appears to be a great bargain. At 8.8 mm, this is not Size Zero phone but is surely a good one to carry around easily. The  quad-core 1.2GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 that powers it is worth it as if the 1GB RAM size.  Wrapping Up Only if you are a real big enthusiast, this set up [+more]

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Lumia 940 XL Could Be Microsoft Trump Card With PureView 24 MP Camera And Sharp Specs

Lumia 940 XL Could Be Microsoft Trump Card

Lumia 940 is set to get bigger and perhaps better when it turns XL. The upcoming Lumia 940 XL from Microsoft is already turning heads thanks to renders that reveals a gigantic screen size at 5.7 inches, expect the variant around the second half this summer and better still be prepared to handle Windows 10 on the same. Microsoft could announce the Windows 10 release anything next month in June. Going by the fact that we saw the Lumia releasing around July in 2014, the Lumia 940 XL is inevitably bound to hit the mart soon this year.  The latest specification renders for the flagship 940 XL is based on reports from PhoneArena.  With a 2.7 GHz Snapdragon 805 processor you can carry  both work and pleasure on your Lumia In-built apps. Microsoft Office 365 and other suite apps could add further sheen onto this feature. Game lovers could have a [+more]

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Microsoft Lumia 940 And Microsoft Lumia 940 XL:Check Out The Unannounced Concept Renders

Microsoft to come up with its cheapest Lumia Smartphone series- Lumia 435 and Lumia 532

Microsoft could hit bull’s eye with its flagships Lumia 940 and 940 XL. We are anticipating the former handset to release in June this year. While we still wait for confirmation here, online leaks and renders are building up quite a pretty picture for the flagship. Viral renders have revealed a brushed aluminum body that makes us drool. The screen will be sexed up with Super AMOLED capacities on a 5.2 inch size. From what we are seeing online now, expect the Lumia 940 to come in 32 GB, 64 GB and 128 GB variants. The foremost will feature hexa-core Snapdragon 808 SoC, and the other two variants will come with octa-core Snapdragon 815 SoC. Microsoft is also planning around with 3 GB RAM. The 25 MP Pure View camera with Zeiss lens has been a talking point ever since we knew Lumia 940 will feature the same. Latest images [+more]

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LG G4 Wows With 16 MP High End Camera, Delivers Ambitious Design

LG G4 Wows Us With 16 MP

LG has finally lifted the lid off its flagship smartphone, the LG G4 that will compete with other flagships–Apple iPhone 6, Samsung Galaxy S6 and HTC . Talking about the new product, LG CEO Juno Cho said that the smartphone is a product that will deliver “balanced experience” for its users. Specs of the phone are pretty impressive. There is a 5.5-inch QHD display and Snapdragon 808 processor. Expect the device to run smooth because it uses the Android Lollipop with a layering of UX 4.0 interface. However, what got our maximum attention is the snapper for G4. It is way better than what we expected not just because of its 16MP quality but the additional wide F1.8 aperture lens that adds to the variety of pictures you can click. There are additional photography features such as the OIS 2.0, which makes it easy to take low light selfies and snaps. [+more]

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Microsoft May Unveil Lumia 940 As Early As June

Will Microsoft Stick To Snapdragon 810 Processor For Lumia 90 XL Despite Overheating Issues?

Tapping away into the success of Lumia 930, Microsoft is most likely to launch the hefty Lumia 940 sometime this year. Web sources point out the release date to be as early as 29 April. Insiders have however, stated the release could be later around June along with the Windows 10 launch. While the release date rumors are whetting fan appetites, we are simply waiting to see if the 25 MP main shutter promise is for real. The Lumia 940 is being hailed as a game changer, thanks to its 60 FPS spec and ability to shoot 4k resolution videos. Physically too, Lumia 940 could make a dent in competitor sales with 1080p resolution and 5.2 inches of screen size. Of course, let’s not forget the Gorilla Glass 4 as an icing.   The Windows smartphone could stand strong against Android or even iOS phones. The upcoming release will of course, run [+more]

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Mirrorless Nikon 1 J5 Is Here With 20.8-MP Sensor, Selfie Mode

The Nikon 1 J5 Is Finally Here

Nikon has floored us with its latest launch—the Nikon 1 J5. It is part of the classic 1 J series ILC (interchangable lens camera), a series that has been marketed as “mirrorless”. Looks of this latest model from Nikon remind us of cameras of yore such as from Olympus or Fujifilm. What’s different in this camera is that the new Nikon J5 camera has a more compact form factor and added controls. Forget the point and shoot fad in cameras, the latest model has a metal-cum-leatherette look to it. Besides the drool-worth physique, the camera is loaded with a bevy of functions that impress us: 20.8-megapixel sensor BSI add-on Low light click capacity Expeed 5A processor 180-degree flip-up touch screen LCD resolution of 1,040,000 dots 4K movie recording at 15p Near-field communication enabled Following the legacy of its predecessor Nikon 1 J4, the J5 also comes with auto focus and [+more]

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Shopping for camera? Let us help you list down important things to consider while grabbing the best among the slot.

Refer to our table below to view different type of cameras with their features and specifications. Camera type Budget Image quality Performance Targeted users Zoom Characteristics Operation Point and Shoot Less than $200 Good quality for vacation, kids’ video clips and snapshots Fast and quick for shots of kids and pets Those who want a camera better than mobile phones Less than 15x  Pocketable, body with fixed lens, small sensor      Mostly automatic Compact Megazoom $200-$350 Better quality than a point and shoot Quick for vacation, kids and pets’ shots and video For those looking for a camera with better quality than mobiles Usually more than 20x Fits in pocket, easy to hold, lens fixed with body Automatic and manual Megazoom $350-$500 Photo and video quality like a point and shoot Good for accidental as well as slow moving shots Those who want a camera good for close-ups and [+more]

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