Must Have Best Apps for Samsung Galaxy S21

Best Apps for Samsung Galaxy S21

Samsung’s new flagship Galaxy S21 has also garnered great reviews. Loved for its powerful performance, high refresh rate, decent camera, and great battery life, Samsung Galaxy S21 is truly an excellent upgrade. Now, if you have already purchased the smartphone, and are looking for some must have best apps for Samsung Galaxy S21, then we have got you covered.

The best apps for Samsung Galaxy S21 covered in this article are chosen based on their useability and security. The list comprises photo editors, health and fitness apps, messaging apps, and apps to keep your phone safer and more secure than ever.

Signal Private Messenger

Signal has gained a lot of popularity after WhatsApp decided to track all private chats. Signal, just like WhatsApp or iMessage, or Facebook Messenger, is an instant messaging, end-to-end encrypted app that allows users to create groups, chat with friends, share with broadcast, use emojis, and make audio & video calls.

Signal Private Messenger

With extra security protocols, any message you send or receive is encrypted, which makes it impossible for anyone who intercepts the data to comprehend what is being communicated unless they are the specified recipient. 

The app is available in the Play Store for the Galaxy S21. 


Simpan is a newly launched app perfect for Samsung Galaxy S21 owners. This one is a direct rival to the Evernote app is best for those who love to take notes. With this app, users can create personal notes, write down special recipes, save music lines, and even store little secrets.

Simpan app

Simpan is one of the best apps for Samsung Galaxy S21 as it has password & fingerprint security. You can also easily import the files to the SD card take a backup to restore all your notes.  

You can download the Simpan app from here

Zoom Cloud Meetings

Online meetings have become an integral part of our daily lives. If you are still working from home, then Zoom Cloud meetings is the best app for you. This one is the most preferred and full HD supported app that can handle up to 100 members for free without any interruption.

Zoom Cloud Meetings

Using the Zoom app, users across the globe can arrange meetings and send invitation links to the team members, and other employees. Even students can use Zoom app for online classes. 

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Zoom members don’t need a login ID to attend the zoom call, but to arrange the call, it is necessary to create an account. With the premium service, you can again unlock many services like unlimited group calls.

Download Zoom Cloud Meeting best app for Samsung Galaxy S21 here. 

Scanner App to PDF

Most of us are dependent on our smartphones to complete our daily work responsibilities, and many a times, we have to save files in PDF formats and share them with our colleagues and bosses. Using the Scanner App to PDF, you can simply create files or just write any note on the paper and scan it to the app. 

Scanner App to PDF

This is one of the best alternatives to CamScanner and is best suited for Samsung Galaxy S21 series. You can also use this app to create PNG files and share them with social media apps and services. 

It is a free app in the Play Store and is supported in every country.

Glitch Lab

If you are social media addict and love to post pictures on Instagram, then this one is the best app for the Samsung Galaxy S21 phone. Glitch Lab is a photo editor loaded with zillions of digital glitch effects. 

Glitch Lab

You can use this app to make your pictures look a bit glitchy or retro, and even add other versatile looks to add a little zing in your photos. It also has a powerful animation module to help you create smooth videos with parameter interpolation between key frames.

Download Glitch Lab here. 

Samsung Health App

For all health freaks out there, the Samsung Health app is a must-have! The app can be synced with your Samsung wearable and can be used to record physical activities, and to create a healthy lifestyle. 

Samsung Health App

Samsung Health app can also be used to record and manage different kinds of fitness activities, including running, cycling, swimming, etc.Even Galaxy Watch wearables users can exercise more effectively through Life Fitness, Technogym, and Corehealth.

You can download the Samsung Health App from Google Play Store.

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Do let us know your favourite apps for Samsung Galaxy S21? Which are the apps you swear by? Let us know the names in the comment section. We’d love to try them out.