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MrBeast celebrates hitting 100 million subscribers by giving one follower a private island

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YouTube sensation Mr Beast crossed 100 million subscribers on YouTube on July 28. With this achievement, his channel is the fifth to cross 100 million subscribers worldwide.

During YouTube live, MrBeast expressed gratitude to his followers for their constant support. Jimmy Donaldson is Mr Beast’s real name. And he is one of the highest-paid content creators on YouTube.  

The YouTuber stated, “100 million means so much.” he has been making videos since he was 11 years old. This number in a way represents everything he has ever done in his life. Adding to that, he said, “I’m so grateful to everyone who’s ever watched a video. I hope to do YouTube until the day I die.”

Mr Beast Hits the Milestone of 100 Million Subscribers on YouTube 1

Donaldson aka Mr Beast gained popularity due to his videos where he gave away large amounts of money to his followers. He also recreated Squid Game (a renowned web series on Netflix) and made his subscribers compete. The throughout survivor would get $456,000, which is quite a fortune. 

Donaldson is the founder of Beast Philanthropy, an aid company which helps the underprivileged. He also runs a burger franchise and a range of chocolate delicacies. 

Mr Beast is known for his adventurous ideas and unconventional challenges. One of his humanitarian initiatives happened earlier this year. He went all the way to Africa. There he collaborated with a charity and helped locals to dig two wells. The reservoirs were built in the villages of Mbounda and Foumbot. 

Mr Beast definitely deserves 100 million subscribers!

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