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Modern Cubicle for the Hybrid Office- Microsoft Flowspace Pod

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Microsoft has come up with the new concept of ‘Microsoft Flowspace Pod’. The concept won an award from Red Dot and has been declared as “the best of the best in 2021”. Flowspace Pod takes a new approach to compartmentalized working. Flowspace Pod has an open concept rather than completely enclosing an individual within a blocked off or cubicle environment.

The idea for hybrid workplaces was given by Microsoft Office Envisioning Team.

Overview of Flowspace Pod

The Flowspace Pod is completely inspired by the Surface Studio which features a computer. The Surface Studio is an all-in-one PC, produced and designed by Microsoft. It’s the latest cubicle which is specially designed for the hybrid work-based future.

Microsoft Flowspace Pod 1

The Flowspace Pod is opened from sides for convenient collaboration, rather than boxed-in sides. The chamber which is open from sides has a huge Tv-like screen that can be angled and tilted and a minimalist desk setup   for ergonomic use . It is also configured with ambient backlighting. Here the employees can split their time easily between working from home and working in the office.

What Microsoft has to say about the concept

“The Flowspace Pod is a vision for the new normal, a sanctuary for focus and deep work in highly collaborative hybrid workplaces where solo work time will become more precious,” Microsoft said of its concept on the Red Dot awards page.

Significance of Microsoft’s Flowspace Pod

Microsoft Flowspace Pod offers a sanctuary for employees to work deep and focus for when they need a break. This also allows to employees to engage in solo work time. Flowspace has a large display, speakers, and relative built-in privacy. Due to this, the Flowspace can be used as a personal space for video conferencing as well.

Microsoft Flowspace Pod 2

This eradicates the need to have smaller conference rooms for video conferences.

Idea behind Flowspace

The idea is not like remote on-demand workspaces that are generated by companies like Switch and ZenSpace. For example: Zenspace is similar to a huge public telephone booth, which is being set up in malls as bookable private pods. This allows people to get some work done between shopping.

Unlike Zenspace, Flowspace pod is not designed as a private pod, hence its not much suitable for public places like hotel lobbies and malls. Rather, Flowspace is more of a way to offer employees the pseudo-privacy.

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