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Microsoft’s Noida Office Gets A Makeover

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Inspired by the Taj Mahal, Microsoft’s newest office is a workspace of art. Most of us are about to get back to our office seats after spending almost an entire year working from home. To ease this transition, Microsoft has redesigned its Noida workspace that bring together the company’s guiding principle of tech-driven infrastructure merged seamlessly with the local cultural influence.

Microsoft New Office in Noida

The Microsoft India Development Centre (IDC) is spread across three floors of a six-storeyed building in Noida. The ivory white walls are interspersed with jaali work in Mughal architectural style. Adding to the extravagance are the arched doorways and domed ceilings to complete the Taj Mahal-inspired look.

Arunjot Singh Bhalla, MD of RSP Design Consultants said, “The challenge was to figure out how to interpret the Taj Mahal and go a step further and apply it to an office. The result was the Microsoft office that interpreted Mughal architecture’s symmetrical and decorative aspects into a functional unit. The look is heavily drawn from Taj Mahal’s aesthetic materials, including white marble from Jaipur, and inlay work with semi-precious stones.”

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Sustainable Office

The new Microsoft office, spread across the top three floors of a six-story building in Noida,boasts of being a sustainable working space. The base building is LEED platinum rated catering to high sustainability standards of construction and operation. Recycled products, locally sourced materials, energy saving light and water installations have also been used in the making of the extravagant office. The workplace is highly inclusive too with customised counters for wheelchairs, Braille signage, hazard warnings and access ramps.

The unified combination of functionality and beauty has been achieved with the help of contribution made by both artisans and IT experts. Local artisans worked on the tapestries, inlays and the paintings, and the IT and facilities team ensured form and functionality to create the seamless appeal.

Gaming Destination

The new Microsoft office in Noida will accommodate the Xbox team becoming the first campus in India to host a gaming team. Also, being close to the capital, the Noida campus will enable more frequent collaboration with the government around developing technologies not only addressing India’s needs but also for similar regions around the world.

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