US-based tech giant is likely to soon introduce its much-touted Cortana virtual assistant in the UK and China, most likely in the next few weeks. Apple has been providing Siri for its iOS devices, while Google has been offering its Google Now service for Android devices. Now, Microsoft is finally launching its own digital assistant for Windows Phone. In other words, Cortana can be termed as Microsoft’s answer to Siri and Google Now.

Microsoft’s Cortana To Be Soon Introduced In Windows Phone
Creative Commans/PauloPark02

Cortana is presently available only in the US to Windows phone users in the US, but the virtual assistant is just weeks away from being available to users in the UK and China, according to a Microsoft staffer responsible for managing Cortana.

Marcus Ash, group program manager for Cortana on Windows Phone, has been quoted saying on a tweet on June 15 2014 that “Making Cortana available in the UK and China will happen very soon. Weeks not months.”

He also told Microsoft-centric blog WPCentral in a separate comment that “We are in Beta and we are in the US and we know before we do anything else we need to scale and get Cortana out to more customers.”

Ash did not provide any specific details about when Cortana will roll out, but we will keep you updating once we will get to know about some development.

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