According to the latest leaks, US-based tech company Microsoft is likely to launch its much-rumored Surface Mini tablet this summer.Microsoft Likely To Launch Surface Pro 3 On May 20 Alongside Surface Mini

This was revealed by @evleaks in a new post on Monday, July 7 that “Microsoft Surface Mini is back in production, in anticipation of a summer release.”

The company was highly expected to launch its Surface Mini tablet along with the Surface Pro 3 slate, but there has been no progress so far related to the launch of the smaller tablet. The company showcased its Surface Pro 3 during the BUILD 2014 developer conference held in June 2014 without mentioning anything about the smaller Surface tablet.

However, Microsoft accidentally confirmed the existence of its elusive Surface Mini tablet in the user manual guide of its new Surface Pro 3 last month. The user manual guide of the new Surface Pro 3 User has several references to the smaller tablet.

 There are several mentions in the user manual, such as “If you want to do more than take a quick handwritten note, unlock Surface Mini.”. “When you do, you’ll get the full functionality of OneNote.”. “Before you use your Surface Pen for the first time, you’ll need to install the AAAA battery. You’ll pair your new pen with Surface Mini a little later during setup.” Meanwhile another reference mentions the Surface Pen’s interaction with “your Surface Mini or Surface Pro 3.”

According to a recent report appearing on Bloomberg, Microsoft initially did not had any plans to launch the Surface Mini alongside the new-generation Surface Pro 3. But the company changed its mind after figuring out that the smaller tablet are not equipped with all the features required to be a successful product in an increasingly-competitive tablet market. Consequently, the company decided to stop the launch of the Surface Mini and launched the Surface Pro 3 alone instead.