Mastering The Art Of Sexting


It is a powerful tool! An art form, turning the heat on with the right interplay of wit, humour, and sexy talking, sexting is actually as comforting as sex, well most of the times! This modern flirtation is thrilling, and even potentially rewarding. The slow build pleasure, once considered a taboo, injects heat and revives the flickering romance. In simple words, it’s the backdoor action!

The fun, flirty, and dirty exchange of messages has encouraged a new upswing in monogamy.  We are no longer limited to the bedroom cliché as sexting gives the freedom to explore, even if only in words, the uncharted territories. It helps break the ice and allows couples to try something new, something different, and is definitely exciting.

Porn or Sexting?

We live in a world where every flavour of porn is available at a click. But it is monotonous, sometimes the act itself is unimaginable and sets super high bars. The big dick, the pretty pussy, it is quite unrealistic.

sexting 2

Sexting is different! It is a sexy combo of sex and texting. It is real, it is feelings, fantasies, dreams, and pleasure. But it will obviously take a little more than a run-of-the-mill message to get your partner excited and the hormones roaring. Here are some affable rules to master the art of sexting.

Ace up the Sexting Game

Crawl out of your hole!

No one is watching you! Bring the wild, horny child out. Sexting brings with it the freedom to be dirty, flirty, and allows you to put even the wildest sexual dream out, but with the right choice of words.  Take it slow, set the mood, use wit and sex for pleasure, even if its phony! While sexting you have to let go off the comfort blanket and enjoy the dirty talking.

Sexting also gives you a chance to know yourself better, what you like, how you like, and what you’ll like to try! So, be there, talk and blurt it out.

Do different things

sexting 3

And by this, we don’t mean send nude picks because that’s a NO NO! Well, sure nude pictures and videos do work like a charm, but you don’t want to get hacked later and feel guilty for sharing those. Instead, send sultry voice notes, boomerang and slo-mo videos to spice up the conversation. 

Be patient

Let the heat build up! Do not be impatient with the reply. Take your time to make the conversation more tempting. Remember, a work of art takes time, just like actual sex.

A bit of humour

By this, we don’t mean you don’t proofread your message. A bad autocorrect can really kill the mood. You don’t want to tell your partner that you’d like to touch their hard “duck”, or that you’d like him to play with your “clot”. This can set the mood off and kill all the sexiness. Also, don’t be all about sex! Be subtle and casual. The right back-and-forth of words can give you an ORGASM without having the actual act!!

Erotic gestures

Sexting is like foreplay and foreplay is not something you do for five minutes. To keep the steam building, share sexual emojis, gestures, and let the other feel the heat burning up. Suggest something original your partner isn’t expecting. Be interested and enthusiastic with your wording, but don’t go over the top.

Remember, sexting is not a competition. The key is knowing how to respond and steer the ship without going overboard. Don’t fake it! Acknowledge and be comfortable with your own sexual abilities, and do not shy away from expressing it. And as always, take each experience as a way to learn!