For sharing data between multiple computers often networks are created. A computer network is created for the purpose of sharing data, thereby, seamlessly enhancing or facilitating communication between different users. Computers can be connected either wirelessly or with the help of Ethernet or LAN cable. If you want to know how to connect two computers using LAN cables in Windows 10, keep reading. But before we move forward, let us have a look at the uses of creating a computer network.

What are uses of computer network:-

Multiple computers are often connected together for various purposes. One of the most important uses is file sharing. Data sharing become really easy by connecting the computers. In addition to files, hardware like hard disks, printers etc. can be shared within a network system. A connected system of computers also facilitates app sharing and communication between its users. 

How to connect two computers using a LAN cable in windows 10?

Windows 10 and Windows 7 are often found to co-exist within computer networks. Though some may argue that Windows 7 is now quite obsolete, it still enjoys popularity amongst users. We will take you through simple steps to help you learn how to connect two computers with Windows 10 and Windows 7. Data transfer between two computers using a LAN cable is quite a straight forward process and all you would require is two laptops /PCs and an Ethernet cable. A high quality cable would make the process even more seamless. 

Once you have joined the two computers with a LAN cable, you will have to make certain configuration alterations and choose which folders have to be shared.  Begin with configuring PC with Windows 7. In order to do so,

1. Go to the control panel and click on Network and Sharing centre. Thereafter, you will have to click on Change adapter settings.

2.     Look for Local Area Connection tab.

3.     On double clicking the tab mentioned above, you will reach Properties.

4.     Under the Properties, you will reach Networking tab where you will have to put an IP address.

5.     Finally, add a subnet mask. 

For configuring the Windows 10 PC, repeat the aforementioned steps. When you reach step, enter the same IP address as the Windows 7. Finally, add the subnet mask and press OK. 

lan cable in windows 10 1

Once both the PCs have set up, in the Network window, click on the File explorer and you will be able to see the network connection between the Windows 7 PC and the Windows 10 PC. Double clicking on the this tab will open and show you the sharing history of the two PCs.

Types of cable connections between computers:-

USB connections : – Cables with Type A connectors or the conventional USB 2.0 cables can be used to connect two computers . This method can be used in case if your computers don’t have Ethernet ports which are functional. 

lan cable in windows 10 2

Serial and Parallel connections : – This function involves the aforementioned LAN cable configuration. It is mostly used where the speed of the network is not a major concern. 

Other methods to connect two or more computers:-

Instead of using a cable to connect two computers, they can also be connected indirectly through a central fixture. For this, two cables would be needed which would then attach the two computers to a central network fixture. This method may incur more costs because of the additional number of cables and a separate network infrastructure. 

Wireless connection between two computers for data transfer:

Over the years, several wireless connection options have also come up which seem to be quite a popular option for connecting two computers. Wifi connections can be used to connect computers over more distance and the fact that all new computers come with a built-in wifi makes it even more of a feasible option. 

Bluetooth connections can also provide fairly high-speed connections between two devices. It is preferred in cases where connection is between a computer and a handheld device. 

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