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Make Your Facebook VIP Account: Follow These Simple Steps

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Want to make an eye-catchy Facebook VIP account? Which shows stylish as well as an interesting profile? Don’t worry you can achieve that in very simple steps. The whole process is decoded in the following article.

Facebook has been the oldest in this online social circle. Wherein we chat, exchange media, and share our life updates.  Nowadays, more of our social circle is on social media than the physical world. That’s why it feels important to have an attractive profile with whom everyone would want to connect. So here we go for making a Facebook VIP account.

Follow these steps to make your Facebook profile a Facebook VIP account

Step 1: Add an HD profile photo

Step 2: Add details into your profile intro section

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Step 3: Activate your follower option

Step 1: Log into your Facebook account

  • Go to your profile
  • Click on your profile picture
  • And add an HD profile photo

Step 2: How to edit your Intro section to make it a Facebook VIP account

In the following steps, you’ll learn how to edit your Intro profile into an attractive VIP profile.

  1. Add to work
  2. Add to bio
  3. Featured photos

1. Edit your ‘Add to Work’

This section will mention a VIP account on your profile that too in a decorative and grand manner.

  • Log in to your Facebook account > Go to the 3 line bar
  • Tap on the Edit public details > Again tap on edit (you’ll be shown Add work, Add High school, Add college)
  • Go to the ‘add work’ (a search bar will ask you to select workplace)
facebook vip account 1
  • You’ll have to search ‘Facebook VIP account’ (it’ll show multiple options with designed Facebook VIP account)
facebook vip account 2
  • Choose the one you like
  • If you want a more colorful option > search VIP account heart ( it’ll show VIP account with colorful hearts)
  • Later you can follow the same process and add other designs many times. (To make your profile noticeable)
  • Save the changes

2. Edit your ‘Add to bio’

This section will give colourful patterns and designs to your name. Which will be seen just below your profile photo.

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First, you need to download the designs and patterns, you want to add to your bio. You can either download them from the browser or you can copy-paste from the samples available in the last section of the article

Go to the three-line bar in your logged in account

  • Go to the edit public details
  • Click on Bio > Click Add
  • Now Copy the bio you saved from the browser and paste it in your bio. (Edit the pattern and add your name in the middle of the bio)
  • Save the changes

3. Featured photos for your Facebook VIP account

This section will be seen at the last part that is after the VIP account mentioned on your profile. These photos work as the face of your Facebook intro. So having some creative photos are worth it.

Note: Don’t use Facebook lite for this step. It won’t support the systematic arrangement of your photos.

Now, first of all, Download the featured photos from the browser. For that, you can search for Facebook VIP account feature photos. From there download all 9 one by one. Further steps are

  • Go to your profile > Go to featured photos
  • Click add (it’ll show 9 options to add featured photos)
  • Now one by one you can add the downloaded featured photos for your VIP account (added photos should be symmetrically right)
  • Save the changes

At the 5th photograph, you can add your picture also (optional). This way your photograph will come at the centre of featured photos.

Step 3: Activate your follower option (this one is optional)

This option is going to add that extra charm to your profile because having a follower option on your VIP account is a must.

  • Go to the three-line Bar > click on the privacy settings
  • Go to the option ‘who can send you friend request’ > select friends of friends
  • Again go to the 3 line bar > click on the public posts > keep all the options ‘public’

After following these steps your profile should show the follower option. If not yet then:

  • Go to the three-line bar > click on edit profile
  • Go to the details > tap on edit
  • Go to the followers > click this option
  • And save the changes.

We all want to get popular, get connected with people around us, and get followed by others. Nowadays, as our life is more on social media, and less on the physical world So, it is important to maintain our Intro profile as we maintain our favourite outfit. Because it’ll be the first impression on others.

Hopefully, above mentioned simple steps will help you to change your Facebook profile into a Facebook VIP account. After all, no one wants a boring, mundane profile. To make it easy for you some of the designs for your bio are available below. You can copy and paste them in your bio.

Sample 1







✮☆Bad Boy☆✮







Sample 2: Joker face bio symbol









Sample 3






Sample 4




༺۝❉{ ● KING ●  }❉۝༻

❖ ──🎲── ❖


❖─♦️  ☸  ♦️─❖


❖ ──🎲── ❖





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