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LG Unveils Plant Growing Appliance Tiiun

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With the launch of “Tiiun”, LG Electronics helps consumers to grow flowers and vegetables indoors.

According to the Korea Invention Promotion Association, the domestic plant cultivation device market is expected to grow to 500 billion Won in 2023 which is 50 times more than 10 billion Won in 2019. With Tiiun LG aims to develop a new market just as it created a clothing care home appliances market with its Styler steam closet.

LG Electronics launches tiiun 1

The new machine takes care of the entire plant cultivation process enabling consumers to grow plants indoors easily. To grow the plants in four to eight weeks, users can install a seed kit on the inner shelf of the device and supply water and fertilizers depending on the plant type.

Tiiun comes with two shelves and each shelf can hold three kinds of seed kits allowing consumers to plant up to six plants at a time. According to the company, users can harvest vegetables in four weeks, herbs in six weeks, and flowers can bloom in about eight weeks regardless of the season.

In November, the company opened pop-up stores temporarily to help people understand more about the device.

LG Electronics launches tiiun 2

The device features an automatic control system that simulates a natural habitat like environment for the plants to grow well. Also, it automatically supplies water eight times in a day. Additionally, the device uses LED lights to provide improved process of plant photosynthesis.

Currently, it is priced at $1255 and will sell 20 types of seed kits that would include 12 vegetables, three different types of flowers and five herbs. You can purchase it either through its mobile app or visit the nearest LG Best Shop retail store.

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