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Know How to take a Screenshot on a Chromebook

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Until last year Chromebook did not have any tool for taking screenshots; users used to manage it manually. But now, Chromebook has a specific tool for capturing screenshots or videos from the screen. Here is how to proceed step by step with the process of how to take a screenshot on a Chromebook.

How to take a screenshot on a Chromebook

Once you know how to capture your Chromebook’s screen, you can view, delete, edit, and share the image or video later. 

Note: When you take screenshots or record videos, they automatically get copied on your clipboard.

Steps for screenshot capturing 

Step 1: If you have the screenshot key on your Chromebook, then press it; if you don’t have the screenshot key, then follow further steps:

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Step 2: Press the following combination of keys, Shift + Ctrl + Show Windows; in case your external keyboard doesn’t have a Show Windows key, then press Ctrl + Shift + F5

Step 3: go to the menu available at the bottom > Choose a screenshot

Step 4: you will see three options, as follows:

  • ‘Take a full-screen screenshot.’
  • ‘Take a partial screenshot
  • ‘Take a window screenshot.’

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Points to remember

  • You can change the section to be captured from your keyboard by using the spacebar
  • To change the size of your screenshot, from your keyboard, by pressing the Tab key until you see the circle corners of one of the section are highlighted
  • The up arrow and down arrow keys on your keyboard can change the height of the screenshot 
  • To change the width of the screenshot, press the right or left arrow keys from your keyboard
  • A shortcut to taking screenshots, you can go to the menu > choose the time > tap on screen capture and that is how to take a screenshot on a Chromebook

Steps to record the screen

Step 1: Press the combination of keys, Shift + Ctrl + Show windows

Step 2: You will see a menu, go to the bottom, choose screen record

Step 3: Further, you will see three options

  • ‘Record the full screen
  • ‘Record a partial screen’
  • ‘Record a window’

Step 4: At the bottom right corner, there will be an option ‘Stop recording,’ which you can use to stop recording

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Where to find screenshots and recordings

Your captured screenshots or recordings will automatically get saved in the ‘Downloads’ folder. If you wish to change its place, you can also do that. Follow further steps:

Step 1: press the combination of keys Shift + Ctrl + Show windows

Step 2: Go to the bottom > choose ‘Settings’ > choose a folder; now, screenshots or recordings you captured will be added to the selected folder.

  • The Chromebook keyboard saves five latest recordings or screenshots you have captured recently. To view all of them, press the search key + V (or Everything Button + V)
  • Chromebook offers a holding slot called Tote, available on the shelf. A place where users find their latest screenshots. You can keep your essential screenshots whenever you need them ready to use
  • If the screenshots you are searching for are not available on your clipboard, you can go to file a, and you will find the screenshots in your images folder and the recording in the video folder.


Taking screenshots has many benefits to serve instantly. They can be from saving some issues you are facing while working online, saving a good idea for your project, which you saw online, or helping your family or friends with something to be done on Chromebook. We hope the detailed process of how to take a screenshot on a Chromebook helped you to solve all of the issues you were striving for. In most minor cases, taking screenshots may differ between different Chromebooks; in that case, you should consult your service center to help you with the solution.

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