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Know How to Delete Temporary Files on MacBook

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Using a MacBook and its running slow, you know it’s because of temporary files, but you don’t know how to delete temporary files on MacBook?

You are at a right place! You need to clear these temporary or cache files to make your MacBook function smooth. For a better understanding its important for you to first know what temporary files are and why is it important to remove it.

Let us first know about the temporary files we’ll then tell how to delete files on MacBook.

What are Temporary or cache files on MacBook?

The temporary files are automatically created on your MacBook by an application or program. This is done to keep the temporary data on you Mac.

delete temporary files on macbook 1

We can also say temporary files are the short-term files that run in the background.

There are 4 types of temporary files

  • Outdated system logs
  • Intermediate document versions
  • Application caches
  • Browser cookies

Now, let us see what we can do to remove these temporary files from our Mac.

First way is to use a Mac cleaner tool like CleanMyMac or Umate Mac Cleaner

Umate Mac Cleaner is the best software if you want to delete temporary files on Mac. It just takes few seconds for the app to remove all the temporary files from your Mac.

The app Umate Mac Cleaner has 2 main features:

  • Erase private data
  • Clean up junk

The app has the ability to detect all the unnecessary temporary files automatically and delete them. The app is 100% safe and secure.

How to use Umate Mac Cleaner

  • First of all, download Umate Mac Cleaner and launch the app
  • Then select “clean up junk” or “Erase private data” to scan temporary files
  • Now, select the unnecessary files and remove them with just 1 click

You can even clear the cache on Mac either by using shortcuts or without using shortcuts

Here is how to clear cache on Mac using shortcuts

  • First you will have to go to the main screen (desktop)
  • The, just press ‘shift+ command+ G’ with the Finder window open
  • Just enter the command: /Library/Caches into the search box
  • Enter ‘go’, this will open a new window consisting of all cached files on your Mac
  • Press & hold ‘command + A’, this will select all the folder
  • Now, press command + delete
  • Doing so will pop-up a message asking you to confirm the action
  • But you will need to enter Mac’s password before doing so

How to velar cache on Mac without using shortcuts

In case you can’t use the shortcuts to clear cache files, then follow these steps:

  • Close or minimize all the windows to see the Finder
  • Just tap on go
  • After this choose ‘go to folder’ in the drop-down list
  • Just enter the command: /Library/Caches into the search box
  • Enter ‘go’, this will open a new window consisting of all cached files on your Mac
  • You will now have to go back to the toolbar at the top of the screen
  • Tap on edit and then select all
  • Choose ‘move to trash’ and you will have to enter your Mac’s password to complete the process
delete temporary files on macbook 2

Delete the temporary files from browsers

Removing temp files in Chrome

  1. Open Google Chrome on your MacBook
  2. Go to the Chrome menu
  3. Search for ‘tools’ & them choose ‘clear browsing data’
  4. Shortcut keys can also be used for the same: Command+ delete+ shift
  5. Select the options you want to and then click on ‘clear browsing data’
Delete Temporary Files on MacBook 3

Removing temp files in Firefox

  1. First open Firefox on your Mac
  2. Now go to the Firefox menu
  3. Select ‘preferences’ and go to ‘advanced’ tab
  4. You now have to choose the ‘network’ sub-tab
  5. Tap on ‘clear now’ in ‘offline web content and user data’ or ‘cached web content’

Removing temp files in Safari

  1. Open Safari on your Mac
  2. Now go to Safari menu
  3. Select ‘preferences’ and then choose ‘privacy’ tab
  4. Tap on ‘remove all website data’ and click on ‘remove now’
  5. This will remove all the temporary files form your browser

Here is another way to remove the temporary files from your MacBook

Restart your MacBook

When you restart any device, the cache files or temporary files get removed from the device.

This is the easiest way to remove the temp files from your Mac as well.

NOTE: Restarting your MacBook will not remove all the temp files but only some selective ones.

These are the methods you can use to delete temporary files on Mac.

Now we will tell you why we should remove temporary files on Mac.

Why to remove temp files on Mac?

If you don’t have much space on your hard disc or if it’s overloaded your MacBook will slow down. However, its important to always have more space on your Mac for a proper functioning.

delete temporary files on macbook

If you on regular basis clear cached files, cookies, browsers, your Mac’s performance will be enhanced.

Also, it is necessary for you to know these temporary files are very important to enhance the function of an app. So, its better to keep these temp files if you have enough space on your disk.

We now know what temporary files are, why is it important to delete these temp files and how to delete these temp files.

But do we really know where is the temp file folder on Mac? Don’t worry we will tell you where to find them.

Where is the temp file folder on Mac?

Finding Mac temp files location is not as easy as it sounds. MacBook itself creates a directory in the /private/var/folder.

You can still find the folder by following these steps:

  • First go to Finder and then find Terminal
  • After this, open applications and go to utilities
  • Write echo $TMPDIR this will display the temp files folder name
  • You can even write open $TMPDIR to locate the folder in the Finder

As it is important to have free space on your MacBook to enhance its performance, so we have provided you with the methods to do so. Using the methods mentioned above you can easily delete the temp files on your Mac.

Now, you know how to delete temporary files on MacBook.

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