If reports are to be believed, then Amazon is planning to introduce five to six tablets all of different sizes in a short span of time. Though nothing has been said about the sizes of tablets, rumor has it that one of them could be of 10-inches, similar in size to that of Apple’s iPad. The report also did not say anything about the release date of the tablets or if the testing was for new tablets that Amazon plans to launch soon.

The news of Amazon planning to extend its line of tablet has come as no surprise; especially after Kindle Fire, the first 7inch tablet from the company which was very well accepted by users. Now that the sale for the product has lowered it has become essential for Amazon to introduce new products. Not only that, Amazon will also have to come up with a better product that can bear competition from Nexus 7, Google’s new tablet that is priced at the same price as that of the Kindle Fire ($199) but offers more hardware features.

The new range of tablets will help Amazon enjoy a better position in the tablet market, provided it continues to offer its tablets at low prices. However, sources are of the view that the company should have no problems keeping its prices low as they can easily earn their profits by luring customers to spend money on Amazon with the fire, once the tablet reaches the desired hands.

Reports have also hinted that Amazon is planning to step into smartphones. But experts are of the view that this may not be the right decision for the company as Amazon has never made cellphone hardware before. Not only this, experts believe that the cellphone market is way more competitive as compared to that of tablets and making a stand there would be very difficult as the company will have to face competition from numerous other low-price manufacturers.