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Iphone 4s – A Woman’s Perspective

From the early motivation needed to scurry out from under the covers to the late night tosses and turns that a woman does to keep the family going, she needs to carry the world in her pocket- the world at her disposal at the tap of her finger.

Here comes iphone-4s to bail you out- a combination of perfect style and features tailored to cater to today’s women.

Launched in October 2011 for Rs 40,000, iphone – 4s seems to have turned into the apple of every woman’s eyes .

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It features a glut of top-end tech that helps you glide through the day. The fifth generation iphone 4s with a 3.5 inches LED- black lit IPS TFT, capacitative touch screen and corning gorilla glass inherits its look and feel from its predecessor and is irresistibly charming. Its sporting sleek curves and oozing minimalism gels well with the style statement of a 21st century woman and adds grace to her persona.

However, the internal functioning of the device has been completely renewed thereby making it an engineering wonder.

From a dedicated housewife to a modern day businesswoman, iphone 4s is a delight to t use for one and all. It acts as a personal assistant to a housewife- the alarm clock app unlike untrustworthy alarms, analyzes your sleep patterns and gently wakes you up while you are in the lightest phase. Thus, you can sleep in peace and merry-go-round in your dreams without having to worry. The fitness app acts as your yoga guru and motivates you to lose weight and keep healthy. You can surf recepies on the appstore and cook delights. Apart from these, you can also attend to your kid’s educative needs and streamline his talents via interactive tutorial sessions on the appstore. An entire gamut of such apps proactively takes care of all such quotidian needs.

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Cherry on the cake-you avail all these services well within your budget.

From the businesswoman’s perspective – it is a smart choice for  a smart women. You can keep track of stock markets, trade online, establish a social connect via social networking sites, push mails, place orders , schedule meetings, set reminders , etc all on a single tap figuratively making iphone “the world  is in your pocket.”

Other addendums to iphone 4s  include an updated isight – 8 mp camera ( with an improved aperture ratio) and all – new optics, dual core A5 chip that helps you browse through the entire gamut of apps with a lightning fast speed and ios5- the world’s most advanced operating system with its elegant and intuitive interface  and exotic collection of applications.

However, the enigma behind the curtain is unveiled by its breath-ceasing proactive feature – ‘Siri ‘ that lets you voice your commands- send messages, schedule meets, place calls, convey talks, search  locations and even figure out the suitability of apps to be used. Seems like you can drive and take care of business.!!!!

The phone has a fascinating icloud feature that helps you automatically and effortlessly store your music, photos and documents and push them to your devices on the go.

Thus, with its perfect mix of niftiness and comeliness, iphone 4s serves as the genie to a woman dancing upon her whims and fancies.

It tweets upon her tap. It does it all….!!!

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