Samsung’s president of Information Technology and Mobile Communication J.K. Shin, in an interview to Korea’s Yonhap News said that it seems that the accumulated sales of their Galaxy S III crossed 10 million units in just two months’ time. Breaking down the numbers, it appears that the company has sold an average of 190,000 units of the smartphone per day, following its international release on May 29.
What’s interesting is that the sales figure matches the estimate that was given by Reuters in June, which said that Samsung Galaxy S III will be able to reach the number of 10 million by the end of July. In another survey, Reuters has reported that Samsung recently exceeded Apple to become the world’s largest smartphone manufacturer.
No, we are not saying that touching the number of 10 million is a big deal, especially when Apple sold 35.1 million units of iPhone 4S in the last quarter. But the point is that the sales for Samsung are expected to rise as analysts are of the view that sales for iPhone 4S are going to slowdown in this quarter. The reason behind it is that consumers would like to wait for Apple to announce its next version of the iPhone. After consumers have seen the features of the iPhone 5, they will be able to decide if they wish to go for an upgrade or would like to go for the older version at a lowered price. The company faced the same problem last year in October when Apple was expected to announce the launch of iPhone 4S.
Portfolio manager Tim Lesko told Reuters, “I expect Apple to beat Apple’s guidance, but I don’t know whether they will beat Wall Street’s guidance.”
However, what needs attention here is that as of now Apple has not confirmed anything about its next iPhone, but speculations are high that it will hit the stores in October.
Even though Apple has not said anything about its upcoming version but rumors have it that iPhone 5 will have a more radical redesign, a bigger screen and a thinner profile.