Apple iPad Mini 2 Vs Apple iPad Mini: Apple’s Brave New World Is Getting Smaller And Smarter

Apple’s 8-inch tablet did make quite an impact when it was launched last year, and Apple’s already gotten busy designing its successor. If you’re among those waiting eagerly to know what’s next in store in the world of iPad Minis, well, here’s a roundup of all the rumors we’ve heard … Read the rest

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Nokia Lumia 720 Vs Sony Xperia Neo L: Would You Rather Go For An Affordable Windows Phone Masterpiece?

Nokia unveiled two new affordable Windows Phone based smartphones at the MWC 2013, and both were quite well received. Given that price has been one of the biggest advantages of Android so far, having taken it to become the most popular smartphone OS, can Nokia turn things around in the … Read the rest

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Immense Anti Apple iPhone 5 Appeal:A Leak That Makes Us Go Starry Eyed At The Upcoming Samsung Galaxy S IV

A little over a week to go until we see the Samsung Galaxy S IV. Nevertheless, hold on, how could leaks not surfacing with such a great event lined up?  This time we got a snippet of the Galaxy avatar from the very bankable source @evleaks.

From this rendition, we … Read the rest

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Nokia Lumia 920 Vs BlackBerry Z10 Vs Samsung Galaxy S3: The Potential To Match Up To Point And Shoot Camera?

Few years back, when we looked at the digital cameras we saw them all jabbed up and heavy. With time, cameras have metamorphosed onto sleek seductive gadgets like smartphones.

With Samsung in the game,  digital cameras come with  ‘smart’ technology’ that laces capture their users to shutter up precious moments … Read the rest

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