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Is ChatGPT a Frankenstein for Education, in Making?

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ChatGPT has been popular ever since it made way into the world, back in November 2022. From coming under scanner for all the scares that Artificial Intelligence gives, as well as being touted as an ouster tool for Google—ChatGPT has seen so much already!

With Microsoft further backing this Open AI chatbot, comes with worry of how big this tool could become in the future. For starters, there has been so much tension over students using the bot to cheat in exams or to study unfairly that a number of schools across the US are banning it even before you read this. Putting AI to use in academics has led open the question of how students can misuse the same to score while never developing real understanding of a topic.

The AI-Storm rages with ChatGPT

A number of schools have systems with firewalls built in for blocking no-appropriate websites to be access on school devices currently. However, the schools have never been blocking personal devices. The concern deepens over the actual ability to control ChatGPT via firewall.

The temptation this chatbot brings within its fold for allowing kids to cheat is strong. There are other club of proponents who believe that ChatGPT is the future of what education could look like. The support groups believe that self-knowledge combined with AI tools can give access to vaster resources and ultimately, a more well-rounded education.

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What experts and schools feel?

Richard Culatta, the CEO of International Society for Technology in Education, a non-profit organization  says, “Everyone is talking about cheating. If you’re worried about that, your assessments probably aren’t that good to begin with. Kids in school today are going into jobs where not everyone they work with is human.”

A number of school bans on ChatGPt clouds the final decision around the leveraging of the chatbot is schools for now at least. A representative from Seattle Public Schools says that the school “does not allow cheating and requires original thought and work from students.” Similarly, Los Angeles Unified School District has been a frontrunner in banning ChatGPT in order to “protect academic honesty.”

New York City Public Schools believes that the tool will not contribute to “build critical-thinking and problem-solving skills.”  Fairfax County Public Schools from Virginia and Alabama Montgomery County too have banned access to the bot.

Summing up

All this is happening as ChatGPT is being modified with software to help spot site-generated content on lines of what typical plagiarism checkers do, as per a TechCrunch report. OpenAI has had a million users just a week within the ChatGPT launch in November. As of today, nobody knows what the future holds for education as well as the chatbot.

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Satarupa Bhattacharya
Satarupa Bhattacharya
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