US-based tech giant Apple is coming closer each day in launching its much talked about flagship smartphone, iPhone 6. The smartphone is likely to be equipped with several advanced features and specifications, all thanks to the introduction of iOS8 operating system by the company. One feature that is really grabbing a lot of attention is the longer battery life due to the newly introduced operating system.

iOS 8 Feature Likely To Give iPhone 6 Better Battery Life
Creative Commans/Apple Inc.

The company is scheduled to release the next-generation software during the Worldwide Developer Conference that will enable the monitoring of battery usage. The software is likely to be available in the autumn, exactly at a time when iPhone 6 is rumored to be launched, fueling speculations that the smartphone could finally end Apple’s battery woes.

Apart from stronger battery life, the newer operating system will introduce several other key upgrades and features in the smartphone.

Apple would reintroduce its navigational tool, coupled with a more reliable data for public transportation use as well as indoor mapping services in select markets. It is also likely to have Healthbook, which will allow users to easily record and access medical information that will benefit them in personal aid and efficient monitoring.  iPhone 6 will surely have CarPlay that will ensure safer and more enjoyable driving as well as an upgraded Siri in order to fight off the rising threats coming from Google Now and Cortana.

Notification on iPhone 6 will definitely be simplified as many users still remain confused while differentiating between All and Missed alerts. The upcoming smartphone is likely to introduce several improvements in iWork and iCloud in order to obtain enhanced workplace collaboration, more app integration and expanded storage space.

The 2014 iPhone will have the optimised pairing with accessories with an aim to promote higher productivity and better entertainment experience. Meanwhile, the company will most probably get rid of the radio component of its iTunes and morph it into a separate but related entity that will be dubbed as iTunes Radio.

Additionally, Apple iPhone 6 would be more scratch resistant as compared to the screens of the current iPhones. The smartphone is also expected to sport several other features, including 64-bit mobile processor, a clock speed of 2.6GHz and improved RAM.

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