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Intel Stays at Top with New Processor Lineups and More

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Intel had it big for 2022. Now with its newly revamped and progressive changes across its line of products, Intel is set to command the processor market for PCs even in the next few years to come. Perhaps even longer!

What is in store from Intel?

With 2023 already having begun on a strong note, Intel is set to launch an all new architecture that is asymmetric for its processors. These will also come with both E and P cores.

  • The processor giant is now set to have End-to-End Foundry as well as IDM 2.0. Additionally, Intel Arc is finally set to mark Intel’s relationship with GPUs. Given that Intel announced so many new things at CES 2023, the processors from its stable will now be of tougher grade and shoo away competition farther.
  • Intel is working on its 13th Gen Core processor, named as Raptop Lake internally. This wolf power the top end K-series.
  • The company is set to launch 65 and 35 Watt processors too among the 15 new.
  • Intel has managed to pull off so many new launches with performance core optimization, efficiency core maximization to enhance thread density and scalability.
  • Intel has bow partnered with Microsoft for enhancing its thread director for better task management and background task runs.
  • Another latest feature from Intel is for the Iris Xe, called Endurance Gaming. This optimizes battery life as well as game performance.
  • Another launch on cards is the Movidius VPU that will get synced with Visual Studio from MS for Windows 11. The CPU as well as the GPU will remain free from professional-range collaboration as well as streaming workloads. More good news in Intel’s mobile offering, the Evo Platform. The Platform had been in works since a decade and will add to a speedier, a more  responsive as well as intelligent experience for a user.
  • The latest or fourth Thunderbolt version’s connectivity will supports DP2.1 on dual 4K 60Hz or even 240Hz HD connections as well as USB3.2 in context of 20Gb/s transfer speed.
  • When Intel Unison arrives on Evo Platform, get ready for better-connected experience on Android as well as iOS devices along with Evo devices.

Wrapping up

Intel is finally delivering stuff that could be legendary. With growing scale and a solid ecosystem investments, it is all set to remain on the top for a fair number of years to come.

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Satarupa Bhattacharya
Satarupa Bhattacharya
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