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Instagram Starts Testing Chronological Feed

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We had reported in mid-December 2021 that Instagram would bring back its “chronological feed“. Instagram head Adam Mosseri has now confirmed that they will bring back the older version of a chronological feed to choose what we want to see. Earlier, Instagram controlled what we see. Now we can select what we want to see.

A chronological feed allows users to see their feed in a particular order right up to the end. After 2016, Instagram updated this flow. Instead, a user’s Instagram feed today comprises a mix of sponsored ads and algorithm-curated content.

According to Mosseri, Instagram has yet again started to test two news feed settings — along with the chronological option. While Home is a default, the other two settings include:

  • Home
  • Favourites
  • Following

Mosseri announces Chronological feed on Instagram

The ‘Favourites’ feed will feature content from all the accounts that an Instagram user chooses. For instance, Mosseri says he uses it to follow certain creators, friends, and siblings.

While the ‘Following’ feed setting will include the former features of their chronological option. Hence, it will show a chronological stream of posts from all the accounts that users follow.

Instagram users will get options for their feed posts

The Instagram users will now be offered a menu. On this menu, users will be able to select how they want Instagram to display posts to their feed. The users will be given three options to choose from that have been highlighted earlier.

During his last post about the chronological feed, Mosseri had said that the company is ‘targeting the first quarter of next year’ for a launch. That time he didn’t give any details about how the feed will work.

At present, Instagram users use ‘Home’ settings. Hence, Instagram on your feed displays all the posts that it thinks will interest you. As of today, the Instagram algorithm discovers and detects the interaction of an individual among several users to define your interests. This algorithmically-sorted feed was first introduced in 2016. Ever since, it has being disliked by most Instagram users.

Mosseri said that it’s important for him that people feel good about the time that they are spending using the app. He suggested that they would like to give people ways to shape Instagram into what they think is best for them.

If you want to know more about Instagram’s chronological feed, read our previous article here – Instagram Is All Set to Resurrect Its Chronological Feed.

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