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Instagram Is All Set to Resurrect Its Chronological Feed

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Instagram head Adam Mosseri confirmed the news of Instagram, to bring back its old version of chronological feed. Instagram will allow its users to view the posts in chronological order from 2022.

Mosseri said that Instagram at present is working on a version of a chronological feed that they might launch next year i.e., in 2022.

He added that Instagram has been working since months on the feature. Mosseri didn’t give many details on how the feed will work, but he stated that the company is “targeting the first quarter of next year” for a launch.”

How will the chronological feed work?

Adam affirms that company is still experimenting with 2 unique versions of the chronological feed.

  • 1st version

It will offer users an option to choose their favourites in term of content.

It will be available on the right at the top.

  • 2nd version

This version will show the content of everyone you follow but in chronological order.

When was Instagram launched?

Instagram was first launched in the year 2010. It is a video and photo sharing social platform founded by Kevin Systrom and Mike Kriege.

Instagram 1

In the year 2010, Instagram was launched for iOS only where 1 million users registered in just 2 months. It was in the year 2012, when the Android version was released.

Instagram’s algorithm since 2010


2010-2015 was the time when Instagram was without any algorithm. Before 2016 the concept as simple: it was just an app to add filters to your photos and share those with the circle on the social site.

Instagram didn’t use any of its complicated algorithm during this period. Users could see posts from newest to oldest in real time, as they were sorted in chronological order.


Over the past few years, the Instagram has been changing its algorithm. In the year 2016, it introduced its purely chronological feed.

The company hoped to best-guess the preferences of its each user.

The company’s algorithm sorted feed was updated in the year 2017. This was done to include the recommended posts as well.

What is the Instagram algorithm 2021?

The current Instagram feed uses AI to create a more personalized feed. This is created by what Instagram considers to be more important.

Instagram 2

The Instagram algorithm discovers and detects the interaction of an individual among several users. This helps to understand better the type of content the users like to see and share the most.

For instance, there is a page or a creator whose content the user is seeing and going through constantly, the user will likely to see more of the content from the specific creator.

So, whenever you will open your feed, you will see more of their content on the feed.

What Instagram has to say about bringing back chronological feed

Instagram in one of their tweets stated that they want to be clearer about the fact that they are creating new options for their users. They are providing people with several options just to choose what works best for them.

“Not switching everyone back to a chronological feed”, they added.

They just want to try the old feature that Instagram users have had for a long time.

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