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Humanoid With Facial Expressions to Communicate Like the Rest of Us

A robot that mimics your expressions! Can it feel the same emotions? Well, in the future it is surely possible. With innovation at its peak, scientists at Columbia University’s Department of Mechanical Engineering have come up with a humanoid with facial expressions. Eva, an adult-sized humanoid head is capable of mimicking facial expressions, head movements, and even speech.  

The humanoid is an artificial intelligence-powered robot that is capable of mirroring facial expressions in real-time. Although there has been a lot of development in humanoid robotics in the past, the aspect of emotional intelligence has largely been limited. The head of the humanoid consists of 12 facial muscles that hold the ability to produce a skin displacement of up to 15 mm.

Humanoid with facial expressions 1

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Humanoid with facial expressions can impersonate facial expressions, head movements, and speech using 25 muscles. Eva can also read the abstract of the paper. Even though this one is not sophisticated in its look, it can prove to be quite beneficial in aiding emotional communication between humans and machines.

Click here to see how Eva works.

How will a humanoid will facial expressions help?

According to the scientists at the Columbian University, “Other facially expressive robots have proprietary designs, and the time and cost to build an alternative from scratch is far greater than the time and cost to build upon Eva’s current design.:

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Humanoid with facial expression can prove to be quite helpful in assisting emotional AI research. Since Eva has a modular, open-source design, it can be customised to meet individual research requirements. 

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