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How to Trace a Fake Facebook Account?

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Facebook is one of the most used and loved social media sites in today’s times. Almost everyone has an account on this platform. If used wisely, Facebook can be beneficial in different ways.

This platform helps to build networks, stay updated, promote business, and much more. However, this social media site can also be a threat in many different ways. These threats especially come from fake accounts that are created on Facebook. As per Meta, face accounts are created for non-human entities or with malicious intent.

One of Meta’s reports suggests that in the first quarter of 2022, Facebook took action on around 1.6 billion fake accounts, down from 1.7 billion during the previous quarter. Also, in the first quarter of 2019, approximately 2.2 billion fake accounts were removed by the platform.

Looking at the number of fake accounts that people create, we thought to aware people of fake accounts. Some people, who have been using Facebook for quite a long time are by now able to identify fake accounts. But there are still some people who still can’t differentiate between a real and a fake Facebook account.

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And for those, we are here with a blog on ‘how to trace a fake Facebook account’. It is not very difficult to identify fake accounts, but still, there are some accounts that are hard to detect.

Before we move further, let us tell you that there are 20% to 30% of fake Facebook accounts. Now, let us get back to the topic and see how these fake Facebook accounts can be traced or identified.

Here’s how to trace a fake Facebook account

People often create fake Facebook accounts pretending to be someone else, either for fun’s sake or for threatening and misguiding people. These fake accounts usually use a girl’s picture as their DP.

This is because people easily fall for girls. Pretending to be a girl and misusing the Facebook account is an easy task. Girls can be trusted easily and this is why people use their identities.

But don’t worry there are still ways to trace a fake Facebook account.

Tips for tracing fake Facebook account

Look at the user’s display picture closely

This is the first thing you can do before identifying a fake Facebook account. Look at the user’s profile picture closely and you may come to know if it’s a real or a fake account.

Do look closely for accounts with no display picture or maybe they are using a celebrity’s picture or a picture from someone’s account. Also, most of the time people with fake accounts don’t change their profile pictures for years.

facebook fake account finder 2

This is another sign of a fake Facebook account.

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Go through the user’s profile link and email id

There are times when people change their name and DP for some time so that they can pretend to be someone else. In this situation, chances are that you will be able to see his/her original name in his profile link. But remember, this is possible only if the person hasn’t changed it.

Another way to trace a fake Facebook account is to go to the user’s about and check his email id. In most cases people forget to hide their email id linked to their Facebook account. And chances are that the person has used his original email id to create that fake account.

Look at the uploaded pictures

A user with a real and active account will always keep his profile updated. This means the user will upload a picture from time to time.

But if you ever come across an account that hasn’t posted any picture for a long time or posts pictures of different people, then the account is fake for sure.

A real account will always have pictures of the same individual.

Go through the user’s timeline

Now, people on Facebook usually update their status and pictures whenever they go out or achieve something. If not always, but most of the time you will come across posts that people create to share their experiences or achievements with others.

And this is one of the most important signs of a real account. However, a fake account owner doesn’t care about posting anything on the timeline.

So, a timeline with few or no posts could be a fake account.

Another way to figure out a fake Facebook account through a timeline is by going through the links posted on the timeline. These links could be shared to increase the reach of the page or to gain some likes.

So, these are some of the ways you can use to trace fake Facebook accounts. Besides this, you can also use some fake account finder tools. We will now take you through the Facebook fake account finder.

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Facebook fake account finder

You can check out some of the best fake account checkers mentioned below.

Fake FB extension- Fake account checker

This fake FB profile finder on your Chrome lets you identify the fake profiles.

facebook fake account finder 3

How to use this extension?

  • First of all, install FAKE FB on your chrome
  • Now open that Fb profile you want to check on any browser
  • Click on the extension and you will see a pop-up
  • This pop-up will tell you if the account is fake or real

FB Checker v2.9.0- Facebook Fake Account Checker

It is a free Facebook fake account checker tool. The tool finds similar images from the web and informs you if the profile picture is fake or real.

How to use this tool?

  • Firstly, install the desktop software on your system
  • Now, you have to simply run the test along with the profile link
  • Then the results will be displayed

Fake account checker for Facebook

This one is the open-source fake account finder that works on the display picture. It also tracks the timeline activity of the person you think has a fake account.

How to use this fake account checker?

  • Just install the app on your phone
  • And add a profile link
  • Wait for the scanning to complete and your results will be displayed

These tools are worth trying for sure. You can easily trace a fake Facebook account with these tools and report those accounts.

I hope this article helps you in one or the other way. Do follow TechThirsty for more such articles.

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