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How to Share Contacts from One Phone to Another in Different Ways?

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Wondering how to share contacts from one phone to another after getting a new device? Well, there are quite a few ways to get this done. These methods are quite easy but you may choose the one that suits your requirements the best.

How to Share Contacts from One Phone to Another?

Sync with Google Account

  • Open the Google Contacts app
  • Tap on the main menu and select Settings
  • Scroll down and tap on Import
  • Choose the location where the contacts are located currently- Phone or Sim- tap on Next
  • Choose your Google account and tap on next to choose contacts to be transferred
  • The contacts will be transferred once you make the selection
  • Log in to your same Google Account on the other phone
  • The contacts will sync automatically
  • If contacts are not synced automatically, do it manually
  • Go to Settings > Accounts> Your Google Account> Account sync
  • Tap on Contacts to sync them to the new device
Share Contacts from One Phone to Another 1

If you have already been using an Android smartphone and switching to another, then you will be asked to feed your Google details when you start to set up. Or else, go to Settings> Accounts> Add new +and choose Google. All your contacts will be visible on your new Android phone.

If you are switching to an iPad or iPhone, open the Settings app. Select Accounts> Add Account> Select Google. The contacts would be synced into the Contacts app.

Export Contacts as VCF File

  • Open the Google Contacts app
  • Tap on the main menu and select Settings
  • Tap on Export and choose the location of your contacts
  • Select Internal shared storage on the resulting screen
  • Choose the contacts you wish to export to the VCF file
  • The VCF file will be available in your phone’s file explorer
  • Send it to the other phone by any of your preferred sharing methods like emailing
  • Once you open the VCF file on the other phone, you will be asked to choose a location to save the contacts

Share Contacts Via Bluetooth

Share Contacts from One Phone to Another 3
  • Turn on Bluetooth on both the devices
  • Sync the phone with each other
  • Open the Contacts app and select all the contacts you want to transfer
  • Tap on the three vertical dots on the top right and choose Share
  • Tap on Bluetooth from the options for sharing and then select the device you want to connect
  • Share the contacts through Bluetooth
  • Access the file transfer request on the other smartphone

Use Nearby Share

  • Go to Settings
  • Tap on Google
  • Scroll to Device connections> Nearby Share
  • Toggle the button on top to turn on Nearby Share
  • Select the contacts you want to share from the first phone
  • Tap on the menu and select Share
  • Choose Nearby Share from the options and the phone will start searching for devices nearby
  • Choose the other phone and the share request will be forwarded
  • Nearby Share feature will determine the optimal way to share the contacts
  • Nearby Share may use mobile data while sharing if the data mode is turned on and the option is enabled from the settings

This feature is limited to devices with Android 6.0 or above.

Syncing Contacts between two iPhones

  • Log on to your iCloud and sync the contacts from your old phone
  • Sign in to the same iCloud account from your new iPhone
  • Sync the iCloud in the new device
  • After this, the contacts will be synced to the new phone and shall be transferred as well

Transfer Contacts Using SIM Card

If your SIM card contains the contacts already then you just need to insert them into the new device and save the contacts to the new phone in case you do not wish to continue with the same SIM or do not want to store the contacts in the SIM.

Share Contacts from One Phone to Another 2

If the contacts are not saved in the SIM card, you can use the import feature of the Contacts app to transfer the contacts to the SIM card from the location where they are saved.

Once the contacts are saved, move the SIM card to the new phone and the contacts will be shown. If you do not want to use the same SIM card or do not want to keep the contacts there then copy the contacts from the SIM to the new phone’s internal storage or Cloud. You can decide what to do with the SIM accordingly.

Please note that saving in SIM is only possible if your number of contacts is the same or less than the SIM can accommodate. Most SIM cards can store anything between 200 and 500 contacts. 

Use Move to iOS by Apple it Switching from Android to iPhone

Download the Move to iOS for Android on your old phone. Follow the instructions on the app to sync not only contacts but photos, messages, calendars, etc. This is probably the best tool if transferring from Android to iOS.

 Using Third-Party Apps

Various third-party apps can also be used to share contacts between phones. Some of the popular apps are SHARTit, MobileTrans, S-Transfer, etc. The process of transferring contacts varies from app to app. Third-party apps can be used if none of the other methods are useful or applicable in your case.

Since you asked how to share contacts from one phone to another, we gave you everything we knew. However, in most cases, Google Sync is enough. Still, we wanted you to know all the processes so that if you find any of these unsuitable you can move to the next one without having to look for the methods of how to share contacts from one phone to another elsewhere.

If you know any other way of how to share contacts from one phone to another which will help the community feel free to write in the comment section below.

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